The Brief

Trend Up, LLC manages digital media buying across the online landscape for tech and consumer brands, as well as test and design marketing funnels that focus on conversion rate optimization. With advancing technology and the desire to grow—owner of Trend Up, Daniel Riaz, needed a new website that aligned with his new goals to grow the business. One of the goals of this website’s design was to help convey a specific message to the audience: The Trend Up team are professionals who have a deep knowledge of the media buying domain, but yet also feel excited to work with them. It needed to feel accessible and inviting yet also polished and premium.

Our Approach

In our initial meeting with Daniel, we knew right away this was going to be fun. First thing was first – we got working on some marketing tasks that Daniel already had in the works: the new logo and video for the above the fold hero area of the website. We went through a few rounds of edits on each and came up with a perfect balance of familiar and premium. Next, we worked our way through some customized infographics for the services page and homepage – all while developing the prototype. One of the biggest culprits of a project hold-up is content. In this case, Daniel was on top of his game by knowing exactly what he wanted to say on each page. He was extremely helpful in streamlining the entire process.

The Result

After a few months of carefully calculated, thoughtful tweaks to each step of our design process, we were able to launch on Valentine’s Day (we lurve it). Daniel worked tirelessly with us on this, and it shows! He worked so collaboratively and intelligently with our whole team. We truly enjoyed how he truly dug deep to understand how to best deliver Trend Up’s messaging through the website’s design. It was an absolute pleasure working on this project, and we all are extremely excited to see what’s next!


B2B, B2C, Marketing & Communications

Our Role

Concept, Custom Theme, Graphic Design, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Prototype, Web Design, WordPress


February 14, 2019

From the Client

I enjoyed working with Smack Happy and their team from start to finish of the project. Their thorough process, and collaborative team made it possible to develop a highly polished, well designed website from scratch. I strongly recommend their team and look forward to working with them again.

Daniel Riaz