Vital 7™ Pilates Video Series

The Brief

2019 update: Cassidy wanted to start a holistic campaign for self-care, which not only includes Pilates, but whole mind/body/soul self-care you can do for yourself with just minutes a day. We worked together to build a new suite of free resources, a challenge, and a new service to support this new, wonderful idea.

Cassidy, the owner of The Body Gallery in San Francisco, came to Smack Happy Design to help her begin a brand new business adventure. The Vital 7™ Pilates Video Series needed to be developed on a new site that was easy-to-use and simple to subscribe to for users looking to feel better and supplement their daily fitness routines.

The idea is that the subscriber will gain access to hundreds of real Pilates videos, corresponding with the 7 movements of The Vital 7™: Squat, Hurdle, Inline lunge, Shoulder Mobility, Hamstring Mobility, Pushup, and Rotary.

Collectively, all of the videos support a different movement—allowing the user to improve every part of their body over a period of time. The user would be able to resume any set of videos at any time. This series would also include bonus videos that promote essential Pilates fundamentals, such as breathing and foot/ankle stretches.

We knew just the thing.

Our Approach

After a series of meetings, and back and forth about branding, messaging, and the overall vision for the site, Cassidy allowed us a lot of creative control over the design and development of this new journey. From meeting 1 to launch, here’s what we created together:

  • Custom Beaver Builder templates
  • Social media challenge strategy, planning, script, images, pages
  • LearnDash® setup for each video series
  • Leaderboard for users to see how they’ve scored (you get points for videos)
  • The ability for users to earn badges as they accomplish goals
  • Custom photography
  • Custom re-brand of the Vital 7™ logo and color theme
  • Development of website copy, including how-to documentation
  • Setup of Woo Commerce subscription model, with intro promotional pricing
  • The ability for the user to gift a subscription
  • Custom reminders for the user to revisit certain stretch and exercise videos
  • Functionality to Resume videos as needed
  • Functionality to release one video per day per course, so that the user is learning more effectively as opposed to quickly
  • Integration with Facebook comments
  • Integration with Social Media sharing
  • Custom favicon
  • Corresponding slider and navigation at TheBodyGallery.com
  • Optimized, responsive design
  • Custom user Dashboard setup that includes account and subscription information
  • Video script creation
  • Promotional video creation

The Result

2019 update: Cassidy is now offering the #vital7challenge, or the 30-Day Self-Care challenge. Find out all about the challenge here.

Beyond all of the technical setup—what was really important to Cassidy was the message behind the subscription: the #BeWhoYouAreHere philosophy.

Expensive cameras and equipment, fancy workout clothes, and empty promises are things this series just isn’t about. The Vital 7™ video series subscription is about real Pilates, with real instructors, and real results.

The intention is that no matter what type of exercise the user is into—this series helps them build safe movement patterns so they’ll be less likely get hurt during their typical fitness routine. It’s more about moving methodically, smartly, and with awareness, not quickly.


B2C, Health & Wellness

Our Role

Concept, Custom Theme, E-commerce, Graphic Design, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Logo Design, Responsive Design, Sign Up / Enrollment, Web Design, WooCommerce Plugin (ecommerce), WordPress


December 15, 2019

From the Client

I believe in the work I do, I know I’m great at. What I’m not great at is marketing for myself. I always had this icky feeling in my stomach when it came time to do my marketing tasks and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted for the time I was putting into it.
I’m a believer of you get what you put into it kinda life and my energy around marketing myself was all bad. How could I possibly expect to get positive results when I had such bad attitude?
I decided, instead of investing my time and energy trying to change my attitude about marketing for myself, I would hire out.
Now Smack Happy does it for me, I have no bad energy around the marketing and I’m getting positive results.
I hired Smack Happy because I can feel how much they love what they do and they care about the results they’re getting for their clients. I trust in them because they have gone above and beyond to make sure I’m getting positive results. Their actions are clear, they care.
I sincerely recommend them.

Cassidy M.