At Smack Happy, we know how to make things easy for you and your customer. With over 19 years of experience designing and coding websites—we take pride in becoming your exclusive marketing partner in high-end design solutions. You’ll walk away from this positive experience extremely pleased, and most importantly with a beautiful and professional website that looks like a million bucks for a fraction of the cost.

Smack Happy Design provides professional web design services for businesses and developers alike in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We will partner with you to create your own functional, unique design to set you apart from the competition, build your brand identity, and leave your customers with a lasting, positive experience. As you grow your business and online presence, you want your customers to remember you for the beautiful, user-friendly website they interacted with and to recommend you and your services to others. As your exclusive partner, we can help you do that and more.

Our knowledge of design, strategic marketing, and the ever-changing world wide web is far-reaching. We stay atop of web evolution and use all the latest tools and technologies to create a design, user interface, or strategy that will engage your audience in the most positive and effective way.

Our clients love partnering with us because we respond quickly, have a deep understanding of their needs, and our work is always professional and clean—right down to the code. Most importantly, we care about our clients and their goals. Take a look at the process to get an idea of how we work.

We can help form and create your offsite presence, too. If you don’t have a logo or brand identity yet, we can create one for you. We’ll help define who you are, find your voice, and craft what that should look like—no matter where it needs to be presented.

In addition to the onsite and offsite solutions mentioned above, we also extend our reach with creative services to include strategic solutions and offer a variety of useful marketing skills.

Let’s start talking about how to make your business better.

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