Smack Happy Design is a custom website design services company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area with a second location in Portland, Oregon, and over 20 years’ experience. We focus on web design, marketing support, startup support, and graphic design. As your online marketing partner, we can build a brand new website, revamp the website you have, or help take care of your current site along with other online needs such as social media, newsletters, and blog-post writing.

We will get your online presence in tip-top shape by making sure that the performance of your website is always smooth, quick, and healthy so that you never lose a potential client or customer. This service will increase your website’s traffic, get you more leads, and enhance your customers’ experience.

How We Help Our Clients

Launch Your Website Quickly
We see the bigger picture, faster.

When we meet, we’ll talk about you and your company. Then we will move forward with actionable steps to get your project rolling. Our ability to see the bigger picture saves you time and gets your website launched faster than our competitors. Generally, we can launch a large-scale website in half the industry-standard time, reducing the launch date by about three months.

Increase Traffic
We take the stress out of content development and strategy.

Whether we are creating a brand new site or building upon your current site, we will evaluate your specific situation and make customized improvements on (and off) your website. We can provide technical (and not-so-technical) search engine optimization updates and content to keep your rankings steady, strong, and on the rise.

Improve Lead Capture
We treat leads with definition, measurement, and improvement.

We will discuss your lead-generation process and efforts to find out how you’re currently getting leads. This will help us define what has been working and what has not as well as what improvements we can make to reach your goals and get you more and better leads. We will also make sure that every process is set up to be tested and measured to make necessary adjustments down the line.

Enhance Customer Experience
We’ll help you craft a superior customer experience.

About 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know (Nielsen). Those referrals wouldn’t happen unless they had a fantastic, memorable experience that brought them value. If customer retention is important to you, and if you have a longing desire to create raving fans, let’s make sure your website is doing just that. Usability and experience are extremely important to us. We want to create a website for you that is easy to use and will leave everyone happy, raving, and wanting to come back for more.

Encourage A Healthy Website
Your website will outlive us all.

Once we’ve created a lead-generating, customer-retaining, time-saving, money-increasing website for you, we will make sure that it stays online and in perfect shape. The best way to do that is with our customized WordPress Support packages. Our stress-free packages provide a safe and secure environment that is operational 99.9% of the time. Best of all, this service will give you the peace of mind to enjoy that well-deserved time off or focus on what you love: helping your customers.

Reduce Stress
We’re like the ultimate “chill pill”.

We take pride in making sure that you are treated with respect and your website gets the TLC it deserves. Every step we take towards launching your project and beyond is designed to keep your experience truly stress free. If there are issues with old plugins or themes, for example, we will work with the provider to see how we can resolve them. We will never leave you to fend for yourself.

Let’s create a custom website solution … just for you!

Let’s create a custom website solution, just for you.

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Our clients love working with us because, in addition to creating beautiful designs, we’re communicative and easygoing, and we just “get it.” We care about our clients, and it shows in everything we do.

In this testimonial from Lisa McNelly, she explains how Smack Happy isn’t just about pushing solutions but is really good at understanding the project and helping the clients.

Lisa McNelly

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a Smack Happy client, you will receive clear guidance through the entire process, screen shots and directions clearly explaining answers to your questions, and a response to your email, text, or phone calls within 48 hours excluding weekends, holidays, and vacations. Read more about how we can support you: Smack Happy Website Support.
We mostly focus on web design (mostly WordPress) and items surrounding that such as search engine optimization, user experience, and responsiveness. Outside of web design—we also do offer many other website services, from graphic design to strategic marketing planning. Another on-going service we like to offer all of our clients is WordPress Support Plans. These plans help to maintain your website health and ensure everything runs smoothly with no interruptions, day to day.
Yes! When you work with us you benefit from everything WP Engine offers at a Premium level. We choose to work with them, because their highly-managed WordPress web hosting service includes enterprise-grade capabilities that guarantee superior security, performance and scalability.

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What's the Best WordPress Hosting Service?
We don’t outsource our work. We’re very picky and have very high standards, so we tend to keep everything within our team. However, we are 100% open to working with your team of marketers, designers, or developers.
We can cater to your timeline and work as progressively or laid-back as you’d like. In a perfect world, where we are getting back to each other very quickly, we could potentially finish your project  in a month or so. Realistically [however] most website projects timelines are between one to three months. Additionally, if it’s a larger site with many components, it could take six months.
If you did need assistance implementing any of our suggestions and would be interested in joining our wonderful group of happy clients—we’re here to support you in any way we can.