EPISODE 012 // 41.33 MIN

How to Win Through Business Leadership and Performance

In This Episode…

Curious how to become a better leader?

Welcome to the Smack Happy videocast, episode #12! In this episode, we chat with Akeisha Johnson from An Inspired Story, a leadership and performance coach. Through this discussion, we learn about how we can become better leaders in any profession whether new or experienced. Akeisha walks us through why it’s important to want people to want to work for you, what you can do to support them, and the 4 pillars of effective leadership.

Topic Discussion:

  • Are there two or three things that you want all leaders to know?
  • Are there particular things that would help a new leader vs an experienced one?
  • Fun question: What inspires you the most?

Download the condensed notes and key takeaways to this discussion and get instant access to the 4 pillars of effective leadership.


Akeisha is a leadership and performance coach. The clients that she works with live inspired lives because they are actually doing the things that they always wanted to do, becoming intentional authors of their life stories. This is where miracles are created and experienced. Learn more about An Inspired Story and Akeisha on her website,

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