EPISODE 004 // 45:44 MIN

Why Consistency is Important in Marketing & Web Design


What is your brand? Who is your voice? What audience are you marketing to? The answers to these questions lie within the alignment of your marketing to a key piece of your business: your brand. If you’re unsure of those questions, you’ll have quite the challenge when you want to try to move on to a bigger strategy, one that needs consistency to stay afloat.

If you’re able to have some solid ground to stand on, then you’re going to be able to perform and perform well when it comes to any other piece of your marketing that branding trickles down into. If you try and create a website, for example, you should already have your branding in place. If not, you’re going to be stumbling over some pieces along the way.

INVEST in yourself for the sake of logic—for the sake of consistency. It makes creating and marketing your business website a lot easier, we promise.


Rachel, owner of RP Integrated Marketing, has spent most of her marketing career working with B2B and B2C large corporations. She’s really enjoyed the last few years working as a consultant supporting small businesses in their varied business marketing ventures.

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