EPISODE 026 // 31:50 MIN

Power-Up! Your Follow-Up to Convert More Prospects Into Clients

In This Episode…

Today our guest is Debbie Hoffman, America’s foremost authority on follow-up and founder of the breakthrough training company, “Power-Up! Your follow-Up”.

Debbie works with entrepreneurs and network marketers who end up allowing potential clients to fall through the cracks because they don’t have a good follow-up system in place. She helps them create a step-by-step blueprint to help them follow-up with those potential clients so that they can convert more of those piled-up business cards into happy clients.

A big part of Debbie’s process is that it isn’t ‘salesy’ – because who enjoys being sold to all the time? It is more about building relationships and providing value – and doing it in a way that feels authentic to you and your clients.

Find out more about how powerful your business strategy actually is and figure out if you’re maximizing your sales potential with Debbie’s quick and easy PowerUp! BizQuiz.

Topic discussion summary:

* What is the number one thing that holds people back from following up?
* How would you prepare someone for networking?
* I know you put together a quiz, can you tell us about it?

Download Debbie’s free guide to unlock the 4 Secrets to “Power-Up Your Sales (Without Being Salesy!). This guide shares tips and tactics from Debbie’s proven follow-up success system from your first connection in a prospective relationship to following up at every phase of the sales process.


Debbie was a successful investment banker with 20-years experience as Managing Director for Wall Street firms. Her extraordinary ability to connect with people on a deep level has always been instrumental to her success. She also has extensive experience as a network marketing entrepreneur, having built an international team of several thousand consultants. In fact, Debbie built the fastest growing team in the history of a prominent network marketing company. To date, she has developed relationships that resulted in over $25-billion in sales.

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