EPISODE 021 // 21:20 MIN

Entrepreneurship for Health Practitioners

In This Episode…

Today our guest is Denise DeShetler, a passionate health advocate and bodywork specialist focusing on getting people out of pain.

We talk about:

  • The Healthcare Ultra-preneur Project
  • Overcoming hurdles as a health practitioner and a business owner

What is The Healthcare Ultra-preneur Project?

Denise has recently partnered with Marty Morales, The Founder of the Morales Method (Manual Therapy & Body Conditioning) to bring budding entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry a new way to increase their revenue and success. The 6-lesson course designed to help practitioners create gains in revenue via multiple approaches—no matter what health industry you practice in.

Read more about the course on the school’s website.

Download the flyer for more about The Healthcare Ultra-preneur Project, which includes a promotional code for $30 off the course!


Denise, passionate health advocate and co-founder of The Healthcare Ultra-preneur Project, helps people get out of pain and also helps them understand more about their body in the process. Clients say after working Denise that they find it easier to make smarter choices throughout their day-to-day. They see even more clearly how important their health is and how it affects all aspects of their lives.

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