EPISODE 010 // 49.50 MIN

How to Deal with the Latest Facebook Updates, Snapchat Changes & More

In This Episode…

In this episode, we’re delighted to chat again with our guest Caro Collazos, CEO and Founder of Bee Social Group. We reflect on the latest Facebook updates that we went over in our previous episode with Caro, dealing with Instagram and Snapchat changes, and how to find the social media platform that is right for you.

Topic Discussion:

  • Snapchat changed, people confused — what are some tips for businesses to deal with change?
  • Hot topic: the Facebook social feed changes: Update from part one.
  • Figuring out which channels are right for you
  • What is Bee Positive?

With the new Facebook changes — you need to boost and prioritize your content that needs to reach a broader audience. For quick Facebook tips and ideas you can use right now, download the notes for insights straight from the videocast.


Bee Social Group is a social media company who strives to bring businesses and individuals social media trends to the next level and more. Beyond crafting and managing their clients’ social media strategies, The Bees at Bee Social Group are also activists. Bee Social Group founded Bee Pawsitive, a sanctuary where elder, abandoned, abused, or unwanted dogs (and other animals in the future) can live a healthy, happy, and worthy life. Check them out at

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