EPISODE 003 // 51.37 MIN

The Harsh Reality About Running a Business


There are instances where you set out to own a business, but never really become or have the identity a “business person”. The skillsets of running a business are vastly different than what you deliver or are passionate about.

There are two core areas to be successful in business. The first (and most familiar) are is that you have to be very passionate about what you do. Most people have this part down, but begin to get a little stuck. That’s where the second part comes in—you have to become a business person. These are tools you already have, so it’s just about learning how to use and execute them.

Learn more about these two core areas and how to become that business person by watching the Videocast.


Coach Crystal is a business coach/consultant with Run Right Business Consulting in San Francisco, California. Run Right Business Consulting is a unique firm that takes a worldwide, strategized approach to their business and their clients.

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