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How to Keep Your Social Media Queue Fresh

Social media changes SO much – along with everything else on the internet. It can be a huge challenge to figure out where to start with social media considering there are so many competing resources. Although, we think the best way to approach this is two really simple and straightforward places to start. Either you are…

  1. A business with website content, but so social media accounts, or…
  2. …a business website with content that you’re sharing manually, but want to automate it.

If you have no content at all, creating a buyer persona is a great place to start building your strategy.

This topic was brought to us by Jason F, who shared,

“My biggest business challenge is that it is hard to keep your social presence fresh and new. I know I should update my website, but it just hasn’t been a priority. And I know I should be doing more blog posting to generate more interest. Luckily, I am busy enough that I’m not worried about it. But it’s still something I should be doing.”

Download the resources for additional content including the best times to post, where to find your social media sweet spot, and how to track and find real data to support your decisions.


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