EPISODE 002 // 51.27 MIN

Top 10 Newbie Mistakes When Redesigning a Website


No matter what level of website design you’re at from newbie to expert—we all tend to make “newbie” mistakes. We’re only human, right?

In this Videocast, we dig deeper into our top 10 newbie mistakes and ways you can attempt to avoid any future disasters by making them (and more). Many of the points we talk about encourage you to think and do outside the box. Being proactive, accountable, and honest really helps support learning how to finesse the design process for all levels of experience.

In summation, you either learn to wear many hats (think beyond design) or hire someone who wears them all and wears them well. Happy listening!


Marianne is an amazing web designer/developer, originally from the UK, currently on Canada’s West Coast. If she’s not type-setting, optimizing CSS or color-coding the spice rack, you’ll most likely find her teaching a Yoga class.

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