EPISODE 005 // 48:45 MIN

The Reason I Started Doing Photography in the First Place


We started this videocast so that we could get to know our clients, partners, and fellow small business owners. Interestingly enough, most of our discussions to date have included an underlying theme of business ownership. If you are new to or learning about business ownership, just keep in mind that there are no step-by-step rules, rhymes, or reasons to the entire process.

Our guest, Niall David, shares some insight into why he started his business in the first place. He also shares how he is able to tie in his past experiences, jobs, and knowledge (of Environmental Sustainability) into his professional photography business.

In summation, do not be afraid to start a business. Own it and use what you already have to make it uniquely yours.

As you will see in this videocast—there are rewards in taking risks and the reward even goes beyond a monetary one. Enjoy!


For Niall, a photograph has to be more than just a gorgeous image – it must also tell a story. The story of a business, an environment, a family or a person. Niall lives in San Francisco with his wife, Whitney, an accomplished artist and business owner at Songbird Studios, and their baby, Hudson.

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