EPISODE 007 // 36.18 MIN

Valuable Insights from a Social Media Expert & More

In This Episode…

In this episode, we chat with our very special guest Caro Collazos, CEO and Founder of Bee Social Group. We discuss the latest Facebook update debacle and how that relates to businesses and marketers who are looking for the best, most effective way to connect with their audience on social media.

If you advertise on social media, you cannot simply continue to feed your ad more money each day. With Facebook’s new changes, you’ll need to be more creative and thoughtful of the audience and users to get the ROI you’re looking for. Download the notes and get 5 ways to connect with people on a more human level (on social media). 


Bee Social Group is a social media company who strives to bring businesses and individuals social media trends to the next level and more. Beyond crafting and managing their clients’ social media strategies, The Bees at Bee Social Group are also activists. Bee Social Group founded Bee Pawsitive, a sanctuary where elder, abandoned, abused, or unwanted dogs (and other animals in the future) can live a healthy, happy, and worthy life. Check them out at

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