EPISODE 013 // 49.29 MIN

What is Visual Storytelling?

In This Episode…

What is visual storytelling?

Welcome to the Smack Happy videocast, episode #13! In this episode, we have Jen Baxter with us. Jen helps individuals and businesses craft visual stories through social media and photography. Through this discussion, we learn about what visual storytelling is, what that means, and why it’s important.

Topic Discussion:

  • What is visual storytelling? What do you mean by that, and why does it matter?
  • What’s the one big tip that would help most people with their visual story?
  • Fun question: What inspires you the most?

Download the condensed notes and learn how to tap into your inner creativity through visual storytelling and more.


Jen Baxter is a San Francisco based writer and content creator. At Jen’s core she’s a creative brainstormer, active listener and problem solver. She loves telling stories that immerse people in the lifestyle you want them to experience. Making them feel something inside that clicks. Read more about Jen and her creative services at

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