What’s “Smack Happy?”

How did Smack Happy get started?

The start of any business is unique.

Behind every business is someone who decided to take the leap to start something new. And for Smack Happy, that someone is Nicole Hanusek. She started Smack Happy in 2008, and it’s been a wild, unexpected, and fulfilling journey ever since.


Nicole started her Smack Happy journey as a freelancer. In 2008, during the midst of a financial crisis, she decided to go full-time with it.

“I wanted to be legit, so I knew I had to come up with a name, see if the domain was even available, and find something easy enough to spell.”


Smack Happy was born out of an annoying work situation.  “I remember I had this co-worker who wouldn’t stop annoying me. And one day I just thought ‘I’m going to go smack happy on him.’”

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In a webinar with the OpenWeStand GoDaddy Community, Nicole shared how she came up with the name for Smack Happy Design.

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