Using Public Logos from Major News Publications on Your Website [Downloadable List]

If you ever need to access ready-to-use public logos of major news publications for your website, look no further!

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Why do we provide you with these resources?

Many websites add the ‘as seen on (media logo)’ to potentially increase traffic and visibility to the site and often boost conversion rate. We want to help to compile the logos of major news publications in the correct format so you have them all in one place.

Download Major News Publication Logos

Reasons to Use these Media Logos on Your Website

  • Your products or services have been ‘seen’ in any of them
  • They specifically featured your company and/or interview you or anyone in your company
  • They officially endorsed your product or services

The Legality of Using Logos from News Publications

As always, please be aware of the legality surrounding the use of media logo, and keep these in mind before placing those logos on your website:

  • Be sure that you use a phrase such as “featured in” or “as seen in” (major news publication) to avoid any confusion or implication that you are affiliated with that network, and violate any trademark laws
  • If in doubt, consult with your lawyer – it’s always better to be cautious!
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