IntelliVen – Custom Web App, Updated Branding & Ongoing Updates

Print & Graphic Design

A print ad we created for the AMS 50th Anniversary event

7 Truths Poster for MtL course participants to purchase

Save the Date Event Flyer

Upcoming Events Flyer

Social Media

Promotional Cover for New Course Intro Video

Header Image for Onboarding Document

Image for the new IntelliVen Learning Community

IntelliVen Learning Community LinkedIn Banner

IntelliVen Learning Community Image for MailChimp Email

New Branded Image for the IntelliVen Learning Community

New Branded Image for the IntelliVen Online Interactive Overview

New Branded Image for the IntelliVen Manage to Lead Immersion Program

Work With Us

The Brief

IntelliVen helps $5M to $500M organizations get clear, aligned, and on track to reach their potential to perform better and grow faster. PeterD, CEO at IntelliVen, had many hats to wear in his day-to-day and soon realized the value for him in signing up for a care plan with us.

Our Approach

What started in 2018 as making a few updates here and there grew to more strategic tasks through custom updates provided through his care plan. We manage a variety of on-going updates for Peter, from website maintenance and copywriting to custom-designed interactive forms and support in the overall strategy of their online business leadership courses.

The Result

We’re delighted to continue our ongoing partnership with Peter, to create many successful ventures for him and his clients in the future. What is featured here are just some of the great things we’ve accomplished so far. 🙂

Check out why PeterD loves working with us.

Video Work

What Participants Say About the MtL Immersion Program

AMS 50th Anniversary Message from PeterD to AMS

PeterD’s MtL Intro

Role / Concept / Graphic Design / HTML and CSS / JavaScript / Sign Up / Enrollment / WordPress
Industry / B2B / Enterprise Business