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How to Find the Time to Create an Email Newsletter


We are jazzed about this short and sweet episode where we respond to Erin’s question about finding the time to create an email newsletter.

Erin writes,

“The biggest challenge I seem to have (consistently) is that I can’t seem to find the time to do my e-newsletter. I love creating content, but don’t have the time since I am working with clients most of my day. Starting a new newsletter always seems daunting – even though I have a ton of stuff to mine from my blog. Maybe this is more of a mental challenge!”

Short answer: You are not alone!

Content is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS the hold-up. Yeah, but what do we mean by that?

Here’s an example using our typical website design project process

We start with a kick-off meeting. It’s effing magical.

Next, we’re off to the races—creating a sitemap (a literal chart of the website’s navigation), then a prototype (website outline), figuring out who the true audience is (so fun)…we’re like a few weeks in. We’re dancing.

Now, we get to the content. Aww FFFFFFFFF

While we do everything we can to help our clients with this process—like refine copy that’s already written, help write new copy based on the target audience/messaging/branding etc…

…it still seems to take FOR-EV-ER.

I think there’s a real issue in having to face the stress and anxiety of having to write about yourself or your business. Most people are not professional writers, and we certainly don’t expect everyone to be. So, maybe the trick here is being able to find ways to help yourself complete a seemingly large, complicated, and daunting task in smaller, more manageable ways.

Imagine trying to fit an entire sandwich into your mouth at once. It doesn’t paint a pretty picture. :[

Remember, the writing process will be different for each of us. There are plenty of blogs and articles out there that will explain to you several different ways to approach this. Not one of those articles is correct or incorrect – it’s all in what works for YOU. SMALL BITES!

Back to finding the time to create an email newsletter…

It can actually be super helpful to visualize the entire process of WHY you’re doing this. If you’re sharing newsletters because you like it, because you think you should be doing it, because your friend’s company does it and it works for them — that’s great — but, it’s even better if you want to create an email newsletter with the intention to help solve your potential customer’s pain point(s).

So, how do you visualize this “bigger picture”?

Download the Videocast Notes for step-by-step tips and guidance on creating an email or two of at each stage of your Buyer’s Decision-Making Process. Extra free resources included!

Still wondering how to find the time to do it all?

Short answer – there’s no quick solution. The way you find the time to do this is to make the time. It’s more about diving in and trying things until you find an easily repeatable process, with clear steps, that works for you, AND is able to become a living process that is open to change as customer preferences change over time.

Here are two great places to start:

  1. How to Organize & Prioritize the Time You Need to Work on Your Website and/or Marketing Plan (Bucket System)
  2. Top Productivity Hacks (Self-Hacks) You Can Do Today

Throughout the next 18 minutes and some change, we’ll go over some productivity and organizing hacks that have totally worked for our own marketing and our clients, too.

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