EPISODE 029 // 20:51 MIN

How to Get Better Website Leads

We’ve Switched Gears!

We decided to change it up a little with a new Videocast format answering your most frequently asked questions. This question came in from a few people who asked us about getting more leads, but we know that getting more isn’t always the answer. More often than not, it’s about getting better leads. In this episode, we talk about the ways you can tweak your website or website process to get the leads you want to talk to (NOT the ones who are looking to get the best deal, are price shopping, or those who may not value you or what you have to offer). It’s a common misconception that more is better when in this case, less can truly be more.

One way to attract the right kind of leads – is to create buyer personas (a fictional representation of your ideal customer). A buyer persona is a multi-dimensional profile that tells you what prospective clients or customers are doing and thinking as they contemplate options to address a problem (or pain point) that your business can resolve.

Additional ways to get better leads can include things like driving traffic to your website from key social profiles (like LinkedIn), taking the steps to set up your small business for success, and making sure your website follows the latest best practices.

We’ve added those resources for you below:

Download Smack Happy’s “What is a Buyer Persona, and Why Do I Need One?” –>

More Resources:


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