EPISODE 009 // 49:16 MIN

How to Stay Secure by Creating & Storing the Most Secure Passwords

In This Episode…

Welcome to the Smack Happy Videocast, Episode #9! Today we have a great topic lined up for you with our special guest, Brady Helkenn, owner of BH Tech Connection (an IT consulting firm). Brady talks with us about ‘How to Stay Secure by Creating & Storing the Most Secure Passwords‘ – and much more.

Topic Discussion

  • What is the number one thing that all small businesses should do to be secure?
  • What kind of measures can people take to prevent catastrophes?
  • What else do you recommend?

If you’re on the go and don’t have an opportunity to listen or watch this episode, download the notes and get an Anti-Social Engineering Checklist designed to protect you and your business from threats (all thanks to Brady at BH Tech Connection).


Brady Helkenn, Owner / IT Consultant

Brady Helkenn, Owner and IT Consultant of BH Tech Connection started his formal training to fix computers in 2007, had his first job in 2008, and has been running his own business since 2010. Brady believes in taking away the stress of technology wherever he can, and offers the advice, “Struggle less by turning to the right professional for help.” The business focuses on Small Businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area that may want or need IT services.

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