Some Clever Design from ThinkGeek

I recently got an email from ThinkGeek.comimage 3596935 10356324 about getting their anniversary tee for free with a $10 purchase. When I clicked on the link to look at the offer, I scrolled through the page and noticed the gradient in the background moving. Upon further inspection, I discovered that the gradient revealed two different graphics at the bottom of the page. On the light part of the gradient you could see robots and aliens; on the dark part, screaming zombies. The effect is subtle, clever and utterly delightful. You can bet money that I’ll be using this technique as soon as the opportunity arises for such a fun and playful design.

To see the effect, make sure your browser is displaying at its maximum width (needs to be 1280px wide or more). Then move the scrollbar up and down to see it. I’ve included two screen captures below in case you can’t make the browser wide enough.



Well done, ThinkGeek designer, I like your clever ways!

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