What is Git, & Why is it Important [for Website Version Control]?

Git is a tool that’s there to make lives easier. Smack Happy uses this device for version control of our project code. It’s a code management platform, as well as a great, essential tool to produce the best websites with the least amount of stress, and here’s why.

what is git

Git Takes the Cake in Code Management

Think of your finished website as a complex cake. Git provides you just the ingredients you need to bake your best cake. It’s an open-source distributed version control system. This code management system gives you the ingredients plus the best instructions and kitchen environment to bake that cake. It allows for excellent management of your source code, making sure all changes go detected, and allowing for seamless teamwork, and better overall results.

Never Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

Any time we’re working on a website, there will be multiple people working on that same website. A lot of times, clients already have another developer that has been working on their website, and they’re working with different file versions. Git helps accurately track down any file version changes.

Sync & Track CSS Updates

One specific example comes about when we use LESS (Leaner Style Sheets), which is a language extension for CSS. A lot of times, we’ll end up working with other developers that change something, and they won’t update the LESS files. Git helps automatically coordinate those changes and makes all of those changes easily trackable.

All-in-all, Git merges different conflicting changes in CSS. This ensures that the master repository, which is what will be produced eventually, is always with the right code.

Improves Overall Project Quality & Transparency

Git can warn any contributors to a project of any potentially unwanted updates, such as instances where some code is about to be overwritten, or any unusual or potentially incorrect changes. Any changes made can be easily tracked to the particular contributor that did them, keeping projects as clean, transparent, and easy-to-navigate as possible.

Git Gets Rid of Stress

Git eliminates stress and is very efficient. The comfort of knowing that something wonky won’t happen to the website while more intricate updates are made on the backend is invaluable for both website owners and developers alike. That is really the biggest, biggest quality that makes it such a great web development tool.

Need Help? Partner with Smack Happy Design

No matter what your project is, whether you’re needing your own very first website, or you have a custom web application software project that you need help with shooting to the moon, we can help design and orchestrate all of the best work for you.

Hiring Smack Happy’s help will help ensure that the best tools are being worked with, including Git. We use Git to its full advantage, making sure your website is in the best shape it can be, for little-to-no stress. We’ll make your lives easier.

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