Build a WordPress Site Without Tedious Hosting

Why Consider Managed WordPress Hosting?

Today, websites have become an integral part of every business. Your business website acts as a marketing tool and an onlinewordpress hosting bicycle business card. A well-performing website provides customers with information about your business and the products or service you offer and act as a direct sales point. With a good web hosting provider, you’ll not only make more sales through your website, but you’ll also attract more clients. Besides, online shopping has become the norm recently, so customers expect to have a seamless experience on your site.

More and more businesses are shifting to WordPress hosting providers who can keep their sites up and running smoothly. Managed WordPress hosting providers like Smack Happy ensure that your website has rock-solid security and blazing-fast performance that will no longer cause headaches to you and your team. This way, you will have a competitive edge against your competitors, and you’ll grow your customer base at a much faster rate.

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What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

To understand the concept of Managed WordPress hosting, we can break it down into two. Web hosting stores a site on a publicly accessible server where everyone can visit using a web browser. You upload your site to a rented space, point your domain name to it, and handle all the security, maintenance, and backups.

The managed hosting concept means you have a hosting company that performs some of the duties on your behalf, especially the technical aspects. Managed host providers actively take up the role of making performance tweaks, updating software, securing your server, and taking backups.

Managed WordPress hosting focus specifically on WordPress sites. Besides handling the daily server management tasks, a WordPress host will optimize and administer your WordPress software. You only focus on providing great content to your audience and leave the rest to your the managed WordPress hosting service.

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting


The modern customer expects your website to have excellent speeds. If your web page takes more than a few seconds to load, your clients might prefer other competitor sites. Even worse, Google will interpret your site visitors’ actions and disapprove of your site, which downgrades your site on SERPs.

That’s why you need to rely on a managed web host to keep your pages running as fast as possible. Trying to manage your site means you’ll spend considerable time working on several things to keep your website running quickly. Smack Happy will keep your site running fast by ensuring your site is free of superfluous WordPress plugins, images, and code, ensuring caching solutions are in place, and your server configuration is sound.

High-Security Levels

Security is an essential feature of any website. Keep in mind that attackers are constantly looking for websites they can infiltrate and access vital clients’ details. Others can even use your website as a launching point for more attacks.

A managed WordPress hosting has powerful security integrations to keep hackers at bay. For instance, Smack Happy will thoroughly check for all the aspects of your website’s security and ensure they are up to date. They also ensure you have reliable preventative measures and constantly monitor your site for suspicious activity.

Saves Time

Maintaining your website involves a lot of work. You may not know it, but even the regular blogs require regular content updates, security checks, and regular optimization. When something goes wrong, you should expect many more things to deal with. You may end up using a sizable amount of time managing your site, which you could have used in other essential areas.

By working with a managed WordPress host, they will do all the hard work as you concentrate on other core areas. All updates, security, optimization, and other essential processes will be part of the hosting plan, leaving you enough time to focus on building your audience and content creation.


Scalability is a crucial consideration in web hosting. Notably, many business sites experience low traffic in most parts of the year but spike during sales events or holidays. If you have a web hosting service that runs well when there are few visitors but crashes when there is high traffic, this is completely useless to your business.

Managed hosting can comfortably handle the massive traffic on your site. A web host will allocate additional resources to your site in response to the traffic surges. There will also reduce stress on your WordPress database since managed WordPress hosting can automatically cache your popular files and pages. Hosting companies like Smack Happy have infrastructure and staff to immediately take care of unexpected surges.

Great Support

By using managed WordPress hosting, you get 24/7 superior support. You can request technical support through phone, live chat, and email whenever you have an issue. And since a managed WordPress host only deals with the WordPress platform, they have perfected their skill to resolve any issue that might come up in the shortest time.

The support team at Smack Happy are all WordPress developers who use this platform daily. Therefore, we avail unmatched WordPress support. Smack happy can do everything from the regular updates to keep your site running optimally to server optimization and even on-demand support. This way, your site will always remain functional and online.


Managed hosting makes your work much easier as compared to choosing unmanaged solutions. If you already have an existing site, the support will assist you in migrating your website to your new host. This service is particularly useful for beginners. Note that building your own website on an unmanaged hosting environment is complex for inexperienced persons. You’ll also spend weeks or even months trying to manage and control everything.

By opting for managed WordPress hosting, they will take care of every technical support you need. This way, your customers will have a seamless experience while accessing your site, and you’ll have time to avail more content for your customers. For instance, you can have several pages targeting different clients without worrying about how it all works since managed WordPress hosts take care of every technical aspect on your behalf.

More Value for Your Money

Compared to shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting gives you much more value for money. A hosting package has everything you need, including technical support, security integrations, and optimization. You’ll only need to purchase a few extras for your WordPress site.

Key Takeaway

One question that many people keep asking is, can I build a WordPress site without hosting? With the above benefits of hosted sites, you have your answer. With a Managed WordPress host, you don’t have to worry about crashes, bugs, cyber-attacks, and other performance-related problems that can affect your site. Also, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your site will easily scale whenever you have a traffic spike. Moreover, your site will attain high speeds that customers expect while on your pages, so you can easily make more sales and use your site as a marketing tool.

If you plan to create a new website, consider Smack Happy as your preferred hosting provider. We have a team of tech-savvy professionals who will take care of all technical aspects of your site and make sure you get value for your money. Contact us today for more details on how you can get started.

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