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Beaver Builder: The Best drag-and-drop WordPress page builder plugin.

The best page builders are the ones that let you do what you want without getting in your way. Beaver Builder is one of those builders- a WordPress page builder trusted by over 1 MILLION websites. At its core, it gives creators more time, freedom, flexibility, and control to build their website’s layouts and designs.

Many ask, “What can be done with it?” or “Why is it better than other page builders?” Below you’ll find a list of examples to answer these questions.

Drag and Drop Elements

Beaver Builder makes it easy to design your website by dragging and dropping elements. Plus, you get that instant gratification of seeing it all happen in real-time. Unlike other page builders, you don’t have to wait 10 minutes to see one of your changes come to life. You can efficiently perform various actions to arrange, move, add, or remove elements on a page.

arrange elements

Create, Save, and Reuse Custom Layouts

Custom layouts are created by dragging and dropping elements. You can save custom layouts, which allows you to create pages, posts, and custom post types with the same layout.

screenshot of a custom beaver builder layout that shows you where to save the page as a template or duplicate the page from the tools menu



Custom layouts are helpful when you need to repeat an existing design or create a new design that’s similar in style to your current one. If you choose to save a page template – you can quickly and easily access them from your WordPress dashboard or from the drop-down in the Beaver Builder editor to use at any time.

For example, if you have a contact page and want to create a unique thank you page to track form conversions, you could create one from scratch or use a custom layout template as the starting point.


Use Pre-built Templates

Pre-built templates are an easy way to create beautiful websites without having to do much or any coding. They’re also great for developers who want a more efficient way of getting the content online.

In Beaver Builder’s template library, you can find pre-built templates that have already been styled and designed by a team of experts. You can then use these as-is or customize them however you want.

screenshot of beaver builder's template library

Responsive Editing

With Beaver Builder, you can easily toggle between desktop, tablet, and mobile device views.


  • You can edit your website on any device
  • You can preview the changes on any device
  • You can make changes to your website on the go

Beaver Builder is Lightweight and Fast

Beavers are famously known for their speed, right? A beaver can cut down a tree in just three hours, and they can do it all by themselves!

That’s not surprising, given that they have massive teeth and powerful jaws for chewing through wood. And the same goes for Beaver Builder: it has the power to build your website fast with its lightweight framework.

There are several reasons why speed is essential when building a website:

  • Speed impacts user experience (UX). Visitors expect pages to load quickly, so they don’t feel like they’re waiting forever before they get what they came for.
  • Slow loading times also impact conversion rates because people aren’t willing to wait around on a stalled page- especially if other options are available right now!
  • Speed also affects how efficient the website’s user interface (UI) is – if it takes 10 minutes for the builder to load, you’ve likely paid 10 minutes for a developer to wait.
  • Slow load times affect a site’s search engine performance, with the first search results awarded to fast-loading sites.

Utilize designers & developers who specialize in Beaver Builder websites.

While you can easily create pages and make a lot of content updates on your own, you may want to consider using a professional team of designers and developers who specialize in creating and customizing Beaver Builder websites. Beaver Builder does offer a free ‘lite’ version of the page builder; however, you won’t get access to all of the premium features and plugins as you would with Pro.

gif image that demonstrates bever builder's responsive editor

This is the number one reason why you should reach out to an agency that specializes in Beaver Builder websites. They will likely have unlimited software licenses and all the premium perks you can get with the Beaver Builder Theme, Beaver Themer, and other premium plugins like PowerPack, WooPack, or Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder. All of that rolled into one! No worries about renewing licenses or purchasing plugins that could slow down your website performance. Best of all, you get the experience, skills, and reliability you need to build your website without ever having to lift a finger. What happens after the site is launched? A site is never really done! To keep your website secure, healthy, and Beaver Builder up and running smoothly – it is recommended you also have ongoing website maintenance.

screenshot of beaver builder recommended builders

Beaver Builder is the page builder you can trust with your business.

Beaver Builder is feature-rich and easy to use, lightweight yet powerful, and has been refined for over 8 years by a dedicated team of developers who care about making WordPress better.

  • It’s lightweight, fast, and won’t slow down your website’s load time.
  • It has a responsive editing interface to see how your changes look on any device or screen size.
  • And it comes with pre-built templates to help get started quickly!

Beaver Builder’s drag-and-drop visual editor allows you to build robust websites quickly without touching a line of code. Although, there are plenty of ways for developers and more advanced users to customize their sites. You’ll find it perfect for building landing pages, portfolios, blogs, or anything else you have in mind! Check out this quick Beaver Builder demo if you want to see this page builder in action.

We hope you’ve seen the value of Beaver Builder and how it can transform your WordPress site. With its intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality, adding content to your pages has never been easier. You’ll also find that the mobile-responsive design makes it super easy for visitors to navigate through your site on their phones or tablets! If you have any questions about or want more information about Beaver Builder or how it works with other plugins like WooCommerce or Gravity Forms, then please feel free to contact me anytime.

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