Add Social Media Profiles to Google Business in 4 Easy Steps

We’re often asked how to get social media profile links to show up on the Google Business Profile knowledge panel. While they can’t be added directly, there is a way! We’ve added step-by-step instructions below to get you started.

1. Add Your Website URL to Your Google Business Profile

Adding your website URL will help Google understand the connection between your website and your profile.

To get to your profile – simply Google your business listing. If you’re signed in with the same email address in which you manage your business information via Google Business – it will show up like so:

google business profile settings

Then, click ‘Edit Profile’ and add your website address to the Contact tab as shown:

google business profile settings - edit profile


  1. Make sure the URL includes the HTTPS protocol so that your listing has a higher chance of ranking in Google Search & Maps.
  2. When adding your website, point to the homepage, or the most important page on your website.

2. Add Social Media Profiles (by Linking Externally)

Including your social media links on your website will build the relationship between your profiles and search engines.

smack happy design footer with social media profile links


  1. Most of the time, the easiest way to add this globally across all of your website pages is to add social links to the footer.
  2. Some websites will have social links in the header of the website, but we don’t recommend it. Adding links to the header may take users directly away from the website as soon as they land on the page. In some cases, this may make sense – especially if your business is social media based (e.g. You sell products mainly via Instagram.)

3. Get Social Links to Appear

Since social media info is automatically added to eligible Google Business Profiles, it’s important to be consistent and authentic. These factors will positively influence whether the links appear in your business page profile/knowledge panel.

Include Schema Markup

Including Local Schema Markup can be a little technically advanced – but there are easier ways to get it done without needing to have too much technical knowledge. Whether you’re a local business or not, the following tips will still work for you.

Use an SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO allows you to add social links to the account settings in order to output the code required for Google to find your website’s social profiles.

social accounts yoast

You can also do the same, if not more, with the Rank Math SEO plugin. This plugin also gives you additional options to add the proper schema to your website, especially with Pro.


  1. The markup should be added to the head section of your website. Once the website is indexed, search engines will have a clearly defined relationship between your social profiles, your website, and your Google Business Profile.
  2. To check your website for any schema markup, use the validator from

validate schema

4. Be Consistent and Authentic

In addition to the tips and methods described above, it’s equally important that your social profiles are linked to each other across the web.

Update Local Citations

There are several ways to update many local listings quickly, including using tools such as Brightlocal, Moz Local, or SEM Rush. While these tools do require you to pay for the service, they will have you input your data only one time, and will make the updates for you across many different listings. If your business or social profile information changes over time, it is really efficient to update with this method.

sem rush local listing management

Add Links Directly to Social Profiles

Social media profiles may allow you to add several links to other social media profiles, such as Facebook or YouTube. Once these links are added to your page and indexed, this will help Google better understand the relationship between your social profiles and your business.

youtube social links

Once you’ve added your social links to your YouTube channel settings, you should see them in the bottom right-hand corner of your YouTube channel banner.



  1. Start customizing your YouTube channel to add site links (which can be social media links!)
  2. From your Facebook page manager, click ‘Edit’ to edit your intro info to add links.

While there may not be a direct way to add your social profiles to your Google Business Profile – you can definitely make it work by following the steps and tips listed above.

Please note that you may not see the social profiles right away. For most updates made directly to your Google Business Profile, it may take 24-28 hours for that change to show (such as adding your website link). In addition, you will want to closely monitor your profile to see the social links – as it may take 40-50 odd days for those to show up.

google business knowledge panel

Here’s what your Google knowledge panel might look like when the social profiles are added.

If you do not see any changes reflected after 2 months – feel free to contact our support team to help! 🙂

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