Search engine optimization, or SEO, involves a series of actions that you can take in order to drive more traffic to your web site. The rules for SEO are constantly shifting and evolving as search engines do their best to bring the most relevant results to the top for users.

Maximizing your site for SEO involves several steps and is an on-going process if you really want it to work. Here are just a few things you need to do. 1) Figure out what key words or key phrases should bring people to your site; 2) make sure your content uses these key phrases, ideally one page or blog post per phrase; 3) blog about your key phrases and blog often; 4) promote those blog posts on social media.

When we lay it out like that it sounds easy, but coming up with content can be very difficult. So can coming up with the right content. If you’re selling shoes but turn up in search results about plants, then you might be doing something wrong. Users will be frustrated because they came to your site looking for plants and found shoes and you’ll be frustrated because you’re getting all this traffic but it isn’t turning into leads.

We highly recommend coming up with a monthly budget to promote your site and to try it for at least six months. It takes a while to get traction and see results. You just need to be diligent, patient and willing to make the investment.

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