A Small to Larger Than Life Business Success Story

verducci small business success story

The Verducci Success Story

We recently held a podcast with Verducci Event Productions. In it, we spoke with CEO Andrew Verducci and President Lawrence Arevalo and planned to discuss their business, website, and everything in between, which we did. There really is never a dull moment with these guys.

Turns out that not only did Verducci enjoy and benefit from our services, but their podcast with us was genuinely a wonderful testimonial for the Smack Happy team! We at Smack Happy are always telling people that we hear these sorts of things from our clients, but oftentimes we do not have proof. Now we do!

Thank you, Verducci, for your kind words. Smack Happy is proud and, well, it’s in our name, we’re very happy to be a part of the Verducci success story!

The Verducci Path to Success

Lawrence Arevalo worked for a catering company and wanted to become a DJ. He eventually began working as a DJ for a variety of events. Lawrence had many great ideas about where he wanted to take his budding DJ business but lacked the know-how to get there.

Andrew Verducci worked for a small radio station while in college, and his manager requested he DJ live at a charitable kids event. After seeing the effect that music had on kids at the event, he knew from that moment on that he wanted to DJ live as much as possible.

Andrew founded Verducci Event Productions for his own DJ work after his nonni bought him his first very own DJ equipment. Andrew met Lawrence when he was selling lighting equipment Andrew needed for shows. The two hit it off and soon thereafter decided to work together.

Watch, listen, and download the podcast

Next Step: Sharp, User-Friendly, and Profitable Website

Andrew’s sales and networking skills complement Lawrence’s ideas and business skills. The business was still in need of a sharp, user-friendly, and high-conversion website that could really help business shine. That’s where Smack Happy worked to help business propel.

Verducci’s Facebook page now consistently exhibits event after event with amazing-looking turnout. Andrew and Lawrence shared that our website work had quite a bit to do with the amazing growth, and we were no less than ecstatic to hear. We asked the Verducci leaders about the hardest parts of running their website pre and post-Smack Happy’s work for them.

Andrew said, “Our website was pretty old when we approached you guys about updating this. It was very clunky on the back-end… you know it just seemed like a big hassle anytime anyone wanted to update it and you know the theme was probably ten years older than it should have been. It was very wedding-ish, so you know it really didn’t display what we do as a company. It was very much like a wedding entertainment company, so, trying to get to the corporate end, we wouldn’t even be looked at or taken seriously in this industry.”

They went on to share that with our user-friendly website design, practical organization, and exceptional content, we helped them get more contacts and garner more business. We strive for that with each and every one of our clients.

“When I look at updating the website myself now, it’s so much easier. It’s cleaner on the backend, and very easy to update. I learned a lot from you about how to run a website and took certain things you taught me… taking it from being a small mom and pop website to… well, we doubled what we did before on the corporate end, and I think that the website has a lot to do with that,” said Andrew.

Lawrence added, “Just having the new website was a lead magnet enough… it totally boosted the confidence in our brand… it really just spoke volumes about where we’ve been… overall after the update, we just really saw an increase in leads.”

Well, what makes your company? is what young people like to ask and, I go, that it’s the people. This website really shows the people. I think that this new website really sells the culture and values of this company,” said Andrew.

Exceptional Passion and Care for Clients

Verducci’s overall attitude is definitely one of the reasons why we at Smack Happy wanted to work with them. They show that they care, just like we do. People we work with have a passion for what they do like we do. Companies such as Verducci Event Productions are such a joy to work with because we work with the same level of passion.

“Also we had all these ideas… and you really helped me narrow my focus on the website. You need to be concise. You need to be strategic about what you’re talking about and the goals that you want to accomplish, and you were just really helpful with that. And I think it was a lot. It was the enthusiasm, the excitement… and you just had that relationship where you were very open with me, saying things like I know that you want all of this, but you need to focus on this,” Andrew went on to share. “And there are so many companies that have not the best websites for themselves! And Smack Happy, their website is about their business…so I know that they’re going to care about our business enough to, you know, make our website happen.”

Andrew and Lawrence raved on for several minutes about how much they enjoyed the Smack Happy website! Then they went on to talk about how much they enjoy their new website.

“We have already made our money back and more,” said Lawrence.

“And then we’re talking about this relationship [with Smack Happy]. You know it just didn’t stop when the website was finished, it just continues… You guys check in and ensure that we have everything that we need,” said Andrew. “And you know I’ve always had swag, but this is really where, you know, I’m popping the collar a little bit.”

The Porsches or Alfa Romeos of Web Design

“You guys are the Porsches of website design… and it comes back to customer service,” concluded Andrew and Lawrence.

We’ll take it! We also strive to be the Alfa Romeos of the website design, or maybe the Ferraris, depending on which brand of luxury vehicle you prefer! But, really, all in all, we’re blushing over here!

Watch, listen, and download the podcast

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