Why Consistency is Important for Your Marketing

Who is your voice? Your audience? Their goals? Your goals? The answers lie within the alignment of your marketing to a key piece of your business: your brand.

We caught up with Rachel Plasse, owner of RP Integrated Marketing, who has spent most of her marketing career working with B2B and B2C large corporations. In this Videocast, she gave us expert tips on how to keep things consistent when it comes to marketing on your website.

3 Expert Tips for Keeping Things Consistent on Your Website

1. Navigation: You are going to want to keep the navigation consistent across the site, especially if you are in need of combining more than one site for a seamless experience.

2. Content: If you are writing sporadically and randomly, website users will see you are not active. Try to commit to some sort of cadence to stay relevant to your audience.

Beyond that—you always want to make sure each blog post follows some consistency as well. If you decide to use a featured image, for example, this should be done on every blog. Keep sizing of the photos, styling of the text, and even SEO best practice in mind while writing.

3. Talk to Your Customers: Talking to your customers in some format will help your creative thoughts fly. Customers can reveal things to you about your business that you never thought of before. Just think, you could have 100 new social media posts and 20 blog ideas to write about afterward. This promotes consistency because you will know the exact topics you will need to be talking about each time you write a blog.

Okay now go forth and do the damn thing. You can do this, Rockstar!!

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