Building Online Trust: How Your Site Needs to Express YOU

Everyone is searching to make their website stand out from the rest, thinking that there’s a special formula that will make their website absolutely exceptional. The thing is, for your website to be unique, just like anything else that is yours, it needs to BE YOU. That is…the online version of you. Here’s how.  

Communicate Your Message

Your website needs to express your personality and your culture in order to stand out from rest. Some websites are beautifully styled yet inauthentic. Other websites are excellently styled and also authentic but, you know what, they’re not you. By showing others who you are through your website, you can have a website that is unique and wonderful. Only YOU can make your website communicate YOUR message. Updating your website to reflect who you are garners success!

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Use Your Website for Building Online Trust

Your website needs to communicate your essence or your company’s culture transparently in order to build online trust. Building online trust occurs justly when you share what you are doing and why you are doing it. No one can communicate that better than you can, and your website needs to exhibit that so that its visitors can know just what it is that you are trying to share with them.

Maintain Multiple Social Media Accounts

Maintaining multiple social media accounts is a good idea to help transparently express your business ideas. You should share links to those pages on your website as well as provide links to your website on those social media sites.

The sites on which you choose to promote your content will depend on what you are trying to sell. Creating a Facebook page is always a good place to start as those rank highly on search engines, and a lot of people use Facebook. While Google+ is shutting down, you’ll still want to create a Google My Business page in order to keep your business nicely visible in Google. LinkedIn is also a very important choice to maintain transparency, just as well as Instagram and Twitter. You’re going to want to and craft visual stories through social media and photography. At least, create a profile on multiple social media sites so that your presence and flair may be known.

LinkedIn is Important for All Business

You’ll want to set up your LinkedIn profile to drive traffic to your small business website. Regardless of what your business is, you will want a LinkedIn page so that anyone can research your name and see consistency between your profile and your website.

Communicate Your Message to Your Audience

Evaluate what you’re doing now to see if it’s working best for you. Know your audience and set a tone that will make them want to take in what you have to say. You can do this with your website’s copy, as well as its overall style. In terms of overall style, for example, you can use a larger, bolder and more classic font to communicate your main message, or you can use a lighter, smaller, and more whimsical font to make a suggestion.

Also appeal to their emotion with inspiring design, including imagery. You’ll also want to further inspire a connection and trust by displaying you as well as your team. Visitors will find your company authentic and likable when they can put names to faces and get to know all that they’re about.

Achieve Your Custom Website Solution

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