Smack Happy Design Slaps Ineffective Communication Aside with Workast

Smack Happy Design Slaps Ineffective Communication Aside with Top-Notch Project Management Solution

August 22, 2019

Angeli Yuson of Workast writes,

Danielle Iera, project manager at Smack Happy Design, and her co-workers use Workast to foster a team-first environment on their way to becoming the “best website design company in the world.” The kicker? They’re well on their way to succeeding.

Collaboration has been the driving force between some of mankind’s greatest and most innovative achievements. So, why is it so hard to get right? Collaboration only works when every member of a team is firing on all cylinders and it’s truly poetry in motion. However, when even one member of the team isn’t on the same page as everyone else, it all falls to pieces.

Not to mention, the success of a remote team depends on quality communication that is hard to find. Hard, but not impossible.

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