Your WordPress Post Editor May Look Different: Here’s Why

If your WordPress Post Editor looks different, you probably just need to install the Classic Editor plugin for WP.

The fairly recent WordPress 5.0+ ([simple_tooltip content=’The latest WordPress editor is named Gutenberg, like Johannes Gutenberg, who helped usher the democratization of knowledge! It was built with the intention to provide users of all levels of skill the ability to publish anything they’d like to their website.’]Gutenberg [icon name=”info-circle”][/simple_tooltip]) update lead quite a few of its users to proclaim, “HELP! Why does my post editor look different?”

WordPress has a very user-friendly look and feel. We love designing in and using WordPress and will recommend it all-day. The problem is, sometimes updates occur and, like any software, these updates will throw its users off.

WgutenbergordPress 5.0+ (Gutenberg) Update Problems & Solutions

Problems some people are experiencing with this update are relevant, but they all have concrete, realistic solutions.

A little more about WordPress Gutenberg problems and solutions…

WordPress Gutenberg Update Problem:
Old Website or Habits

Some older websites may not work as intended with the new update. The editor might end up feeling awkward to navigate, or not user-friendly. Any future website edits may produce different results than before. Not to worry. If it’s not time to embrace this not-so-subtle change to your WordPress post editor, there’s a simple alternative solution.

Perhaps the Classic Editor Produced Better Results for Your Website

[simple_tooltip content=’I got 99 problems but my WP Editor ain’t one. Tip: You’ll have even fewer problems if regular website maintenance is happening on that super-sweet website if yours. Just sayin’.’]Maybe you’re just used to the classic editor. [icon name=”info-circle”][/simple_tooltip] All updates are technically working as they should, but maybe you don’t want to abandon the easy, classic editor that you had before.

wordpress classic editorInstall the Classic Editor Plugin

You can download and learn more about the Classic Editor plugin, here:

WordPress Gutenberg Problem:
Unable to Post

Perhaps the WordPress Gutenberg updates are not only you causing discomfort, but are causing you to stop making website updates.

With the Gutenberg update came the installation of the block editor. Now that the block editor is installed, people are afraid to update their website. As a result, the WordPress Gutenberg preventing them from posting as often, if at all.

This is most likely because a number of preparations and updates might have needed to be completed prior to this update. Looking toward the future, the Gutenberg editor will only become more robust and more fun to use, so if it’s on the back-burner for now, don’t rule it out completely yet. It may come in handy if you’re wanting to do a little “extra” with your posts.


gutenberg block editor

Ding! You’ve got options.


WordPress Gutenberg Solution: Learn Gutenberg Features

We do recommend that one way or another, to consider learning more about the ins and outs of the Gutenberg editor. Did you know that you can actually choose a “block” that still uses the classic editor, plus it offers a ton of new features? This would eliminate the need to add (yet another) plugin!

Here are some common features that are now some of our favorites:

  • Cover photo
  • Button
  • Form
  • Embed video
  • And more!

Learn more here about the WordPress Gutenberg update and editor here:

OH! So, if the update kind of broke your website, and you still may not have had the chance to fix it, please let us know. We can help. 🙂

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  1. Ray Camrass on August 8, 2021 at 12:20 am

    You are absolutely awesome!

    My WordPress version had made the page editor look like a block editor and not the old “classic” WordPress editor.

    Your site said “Your WordPress Post Editor May Look Different: Here’s Why” and that led me to install the Classic WordPress Editor plugin and my WordPress looks back to normal.

    Thanks for putting the tip up.

    I will remember the “Smack Happy” website in the future!

    Ray Camrass

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