Top 5 Most Loved Web Design Posts of 2019

That’s a wrap for 2019, my friends. But where there’s an end, there’s always a beginning.

It was really exciting to sift through our year-end website data and see so much love for some of our most cherished content. We were especially tickled-pink to see how popular our design and non-design related posts were, too. So, here are the top five most loved posts of 2019—and still relevant in 2020!

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1. Why I Learned American Sign Language & You Should Too

“Fortunately, learning another language proves very useful when one is presented with common challenges in communication by bringing your problem solving and critical thinking skills to a new level.”


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2. Why We Love WordPress

“This article will explain why we’re particularly in favor of WordPress, why our web design business focuses on WordPress…”


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3. The Importance of SEO in Pittsburghese: Red Flags N’at

“An original post about SEO Red Flags shared in 2017 and updated 9/16/2019. It was about friggin’ time.”


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4. Rant #425 — You Can(not) Manually Update Google Sitelinks!

“This question has come up quite often lately, and often at the advice of an SEO professional. Here’s a brief overview of what’s going on…”


the shd logo!

5. The Smack Happy Design Team

Geeze, we’re blushing, people. So much love in 2019!

“No matter the project — we love what we do and we want you to love it, too.”

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