Anti-Prediction: What Won’t Happen in Website Design in 2020

Every year, the new year hype gives us that sweet glimpse at the world through rose-colored glasses. Ahhh, insert the myriad of ads for DIY business websites. Is that the best 2020 can do for us? Eh.

With marketing and website design, it’s never as easy as one, two, three (shudders). No matter what massively-SEOed listicle or paid YouTube advert says otherwise. After looking at some of the inquiries we’ve received for our web design services, for example, it’s obvious the internet isn’t doing a solid for our industry.

One of two things happen:

  1. “I created a Wix/Squarespace/Weebly site and want to update my site but I can’t do what I want to do,” or
  2. “I have a Wix/Squarespace/Weebly site, and it doesn’t work properly.”

DIY website builders STILL aren’t your best choice for website design in 2020, or like…ever.

If you’re planning on using a DIY builder like Squarespace, Weebly, or Wix–weigh the pros and cons. Several times. Companies like these rely solely on their own technologies. They all look like WordPress but are 100%, not WordPress. Yes, we’re a WordPress-driven business, BUT we’d still recommend this CMS all-day.

meme - you son of a bitch I'm in from Rick and Morty

WordPress is awesome.

Not only is it awesome, but it’s completely customizable, and it’s free. When it comes to designing a WordPress site – you’re essentially investing in your business based on the knowledge, experience, creativity, and care of the people designing and developing it.

Custom website design in 2020, that comes with human resources, is a smart choice.

While many balk at the investment of a custom website, it’s actually quite valuable. First, you get to keep your website, forever. Once you stop paying the low monthly fees to a DIY company – it all kind of goes downhill from there.

Here’s what happens when you stop paying for a Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly subscription:

Canceling a Wix Premium Plan - Website Design in 2020
Cancelling a website subscription Squarespace
Cancelling a website with Weebly

A few months down the line after you’ve built your DIY website, you’ll likely be stuck with isolationist tech, that has limited functionality, incorrect data tracking, and terrible SEO practices.

If you’re building a website that doesn’t need to be competitive in this dog-eat-dog Googlefied world, such as a simple portfolio, photo gallery, or something strictly for personal use, sure those builders can totally work.

However, if you’re looking to build your business or do things like start an e-commerce site, choose what hosting service you want, or create a website that truly shares a custom composition of human design – please consider moving away from the DIY website builder companies.

Bonus! You will also reap the benefits of several tax treatments in building a custom website, just ask your tax accountant. It’s actually quite interesting!

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  1. Donald Collins on January 23, 2020 at 6:25 am

    Great post!! A solid web design is really important to engage visitors.

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