Getting Inspired in “America 2.0”

Every so often I experience that one thing that really lights a fire under my ass to get back to the drawing board and just let the creativity flow. Recently, I watched a webinar with a couple of teammates over the weekend about selling art and the “new normal” that’s ahead of us that’s here.

I am not an artist.

While I personally am not selling or creating the medium(s) of art they spoke mostly about, I’m surrounded by some of the most beautiful and inspiring artists who also are business owners, web designers, developers, moms, dads, machinists, healers, deal makers, nurses, money managers, artisans, food delivery workers – you name it.

It takes some creative process to move forward in any industry. The difference is that many don’t see themselves as creative or think they have the ability to think creatively.

Hear me out. Probably really late to this game but here goes.

During our time spent social distancing, there’s been a TON of streaming going on, right?


inspired in america 2.0

Right around the time, we watched the Selling Art in “America 2.0” webinar, I had just finished up watching Netflix’s Next in Fashion, with Tan France (Queer Eye).

Example: How Fashion Design and Website Design Are Alike

An epiphany I had was that many creative processes are so similar. For example, making clothes, aka fashion design, and the process of creating a website. Since I had already found some similarities (compared to designing a website) I decided to put myself in a fashion designer’s shoes.

There is a story behind all of it. Every decision. No matter how small.

The end product needs to be technically-sound.

It goes through several iterations. Sometimes, only a couple if you’re lucky.

Good fashion design isn’t something that you’ve seen before, but it’s familiar enough that it strikes interest in the right person in all the right ways.

It creates a positive feeling and a unique experience for the person who wears the piece.

It can also be this way for other people that enjoy seeing this piece worn on someone else – let’s call that inspiration.

Clothing designers can even be misunderstood in their process, like WHY they chose to do that one thing. To the right person or persons though, that one thing just makes sense.

There’s passion, feelings, and everything in between.

Most importantly they both can be used to help others.

(PS. Speaking of fashion, this is a great place to insert a piece of super relevant news. All of Armani’s Italian production plants have switched to manufacture single-use medical overalls used by healthcare workers.)

You need to want to help.

Back to the webinar. I watched about 20-minutes in and the host talked about how it’s all about the consumer. This is so true more now than ever. You need to help them, you need to want to help them. If you don’t, America 2.0 isn’t likely going to work.

Maybe this isn’t as inspiring to everyone but I’m tired of being sold to, and I think maybe you are too.

The same goes for every business that will see things through to the other side. Where the grass is a different shade of green. Whether you’re familiar with this concept or not, it’s time to at least try to think about getting creative. How are you going to get to know the people you’ve been “selling” to? How often have you asked them “why”?

I’m hopeful, for the first time in two months, about being able to help people continue to be inspired. To find new inspiration in similarities and in differences. To dream. Excited to continue our team’s efforts in supporting each other and developing new ways to support a new landscape of workers and business owners who are at home with us.

Note from the Author:

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know many who are overcome with grief, struggle, confusion, and an unclear picture of the future. Personally, I was feeling so frozen in so many ways. Like I might have been in a cocoon, then suddenly was ripped out of it. As the feelings unfolded and I unthawed I remembered something a client recently shared with us during a brainstorm meeting. Something about the (part) Pollyanna inside of her. Her positive light reminded me of the not-so-familiar-anymore-glass-half-full way of looking at how we’ll at least try to move forward. It is scary, but I’m confident that if we listen to and support one another, we can make it to a brighter “America 2.0”, together. Despite all of the endless ads, buzzwords, and shameless promotions, I truly believe that. And, in case you haven’t heard this today, I believe in you.

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