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Communicate to Your Web Designer

5 Ways to Communicate to Your Web Designer

By Nicole Hanusek / June 19, 2019

Communicate Your Vision to Your Design Team How do web designers transform client feedback into design? Even with an expert design team, communicating what you…

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giving feedback 2

Tough Conversations

By Nicole Hanusek / June 12, 2019

The hardest part of my job as a manager is having tough conversations. One might even say, this is the toughest part of life. Because no one likes to break up with someone else, or hurt another’s feelings, or even sit in awkward silence. In fact, I’m going to wager that most of us dread this kind of talk.

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how long does website design take

How Long Does Website Design Actually Take? [BONUS: Project Guide]

By Nicole Hanusek / May 30, 2019

You decided you want a brand new website, or you have a website and you’d like a website redesign or refresh. You have a vision…

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anything can be beautiful - beautiful websites

Beautiful Websites Make You, Me, & Everyone Happy

By Nicole Hanusek / May 9, 2019

Consider this: if your website is beautiful, your website visitors will feel good. As human beings, despite each of our unique qualities, we can agree…

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How to Document Your Processes for Easy Delegation

How to Document Your Processes for Easy Delegation

By Nicole Hanusek / April 24, 2019

Delegation Can be Simple One of the scary things about hiring someone is trying to figure out what you can delegate to them and how…

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alexis keenan

Team Spotlight: Alexis Keenan, Authentic Storyteller

By Nicole Hanusek / April 16, 2019

Let’s take a moment to talk about one of our matchless content creators, Alexis Keenan. Her video production work is exceptional because she consistently integrates…

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core values insta

How to Create Your Core Values

By Nicole Hanusek / April 11, 2019

Defining Your Core Values: A Soul-Searching Exercise   What Are Core Values? Core values are the culmination of your vision, mission, and culture. If you…

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local seo strategy

Five Reasons Your Local SEO Strategy Isn’t Working

By Nicole Hanusek / March 18, 2019

Local business SEO is increasingly becoming a commonplace term. Unfortunately, a lot of people think they have a good handle on what is needed for…

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the art of saying no - yes

Saying No & Why You Shouldn’t Always Say Yes (to Customers)

By Nicole Hanusek / March 10, 2019

We have all said yes, some too many times in many different aspects of our lives, but the one lesson we have learned is why…

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web designer spotlight corina

Team Spotlight: Corina Pfeffer, Rockstar Web Designer Inspired by Motherhood

By Nicole Hanusek / February 22, 2019

Let’s take a moment to talk about one of our great web designers and developers, Corina Pfeffer. She is highly skilled, an integral part of…

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control freak rectangle

Dialing Down the Control Freak

By Nicole Hanusek / February 19, 2019

Back when I was still a one-woman-shop, I was struggling with the idea of hiring some help. There are many things to consider when you’re…

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A Day in the Life of a Web Designer

By Nicole Hanusek / February 1, 2019

We love what we do and do what we love! Have you read the news today? Oh boy…web designers have a lot on their plate,…

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