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building online trust - culture

Building Online Trust: How Your Site Needs to Express YOU

By Nicole Hanusek / January 3, 2019

Everyone is searching to make their website stand out from the rest, thinking that there’s a special formula that will make their website absolutely exceptional.…

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developer tools 2019

Developer Tools for Your Creative Genius in 2019

By Nicole Hanusek / December 19, 2018

It is almost 2019, and we know that your new year’s resolutions list is growing, right? Whether you have one, zero, or 125 resolutions in…

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4 Insights from WordCamp Boston 2018

By Nicole Hanusek / October 1, 2018

WordCamp conferences are always wonderful learning hubs for all types of WordPress users. These conferences are held worldwide and are purely community-organized. Anyone from new…

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Ponzi Infographic_SHD

Pyramid, Ponzi, and Multi-Level Marketing Schemes Debunked

By Nicole Hanusek / August 15, 2018

Where do we begin? There are so many pyramid, Ponzi, and multi-level marketing schemes out there, and they all claim to be profitable opportunities. These…

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seo marketing

Why SEO Marketing Is Not Plug & Play Then Walk Away

By Nicole Hanusek / July 20, 2018

As search engine algorithms are not constant, SEO (search engine optimization) marketing strategy has to keep up. SEO is not a shiny tech tool that…

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Staging website infographic

What is a Staging Website and Why Do I Need One?

By Nicole Hanusek / June 26, 2018

Here’s Why You Need a Staging Website So, what is a staging website? A staging website essentially sets the stage for a new website that…

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GoDaddy Versus WordPress

Skip the GoDaddy Website Builder and Use WordPress

By Nicole Hanusek / June 1, 2018

So, GoDaddy is a very popular web hosting option. The GoDaddy website builder, especially their latest option, the GoCentral Website Builder, looks like a lucrative…

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marketing strategy autopsy

Planning to Fail is the Ultimate Marketing Strategy Autopsy

By Nicole Hanusek / May 21, 2018

Planning is essential to marketing success. Marketing without a plan isn’t marketing. Marketing without a plan is just plain luck. A thorough and trackable marketing…

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site speed improvements

5 Things You Can Do Now to Improve Site Speed & SEO Tomorrow

By Nicole Hanusek / April 30, 2018

While the content on a page remains of utmost importance for SEO (search engine optimization), that content also helps determine page speed. Aside from content,…

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verducci small business success story

A Small to Larger Than Life Business Success Story

By Nicole Hanusek / March 2, 2018

The Verducci Success Story We recently held a podcast with Verducci Event Productions. In it, we spoke with CEO Andrew Verducci and President Lawrence Arevalo…

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5 Things Every Website Owner Should Know

By Nicole Hanusek / September 22, 2017

Just about everyone has a website these days, actually, that isn’t true. I heard that only 20% of businesses have websites, which is astounding. But…

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website maintenance key to successful website

WordPress Maintenance: the Key to a Successful Website

By Nicole Hanusek / July 5, 2017

Your website is a living, breathing thing, so-to-speak. It’s never truly done and needs to be looked after, just like a garden. If you stop…

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