EPISODE 017 // 23.29 MIN

How to Create Authentic Connections in the Workplace

In This Episode…

Today our guest is Shuai Chen, founder and chief puzzler of Gr8er Good Games a company that focuses on scavenger hunts and games for groups.

In this episode, we had a great conversation with Shuai about why team building is so important and how businesses can incorporate games into their culture to bring everyone closer together and even become more productive.

Topic Discussion:

  • What exactly is teambuilding and why invest the time to do it?
  • How can you build accountability and WANT to go to work with teambuilding activities?
  • How do you build rapport, trust, and safety in the workplace?
  • Why are puzzle games are good for team building?

Download the notes to get the condensed, high-level takeaways from the Videocast as well as quick ideas to get your team started on creating more authentic connections.


Shuai Chen is the Founder and Chief Puzzle Officer of Gr8er Good Games in San Francisco. Gr8er Good Games is a San Francisco-based social enterprise. Their mission is to embed a culture of play and social good through races, scavenger hunts, and games.

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