3 Reasons Why Our Work-Life Balance Directly Affects Your Results

work-life balance directly affects website results

Not only does a good work-life balance benefit us as a team, but also plays a part in how our work is affected and delivered to you.

One of the many reasons I love working for this team is the emphasis on how important it is to have a good work-life balance. With the laid-back atmosphere, flexible schedules, an emphasis on teamwork, and an open-minded culture—overall, it is the perfect recipe for a fun place to work.

(1) It’s a Smack Happy Place to Be

Our team members and clients alike benefit from our work-life balance and atmosphere, because we’re able to remain more positive, highly focused, and [smack] happy (Haha, see what I did there?). This may sound like a no-brainer, but if one is unable to visualize a positive outcome, there most likely won’t be one. Working for a company who promotes positivity allows our team to remain positive. We think positively about our work together and get you the best results. This positive WordPress team environment helps us overcome day-to-day challenges so that we are able to maintain those long-term visions, keep the bigger picture in view, and meet your goals. (Our goals, too!)

  • We remain positive, allowing us to overcome challenges and meet goals.
  • In a positive environment, we’re able to see the bigger picture and stay focused.
  • Say you are not feeling confident in any point of the project. We can help you overcome any doubts by meeting those doubts with solutions and a smile on our face.

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(2) Our Job Is FUN Because We Love What We Do

Our entire team truly loves what they do. Caring about the work we deliver is something we make sure each team member exudes from the beginning. Of course, anything related to the digital space can have challenges, but it’s nothing we can’t overcome when we’ve got a great team of unique individuals to reach out to for support. This translates well when working on a creative project with a client. As a person who loves what they do and cares about their work, it is more likely that the delivered work is triple checked and put through a process, or series of steps to get it there.

  • The work is triple-checked.
  • Different people review the same work, providing new outlooks on the same thing.
  • You (always) get to work with happy, positive, responsive people.

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(3) We’re Not Afraid of Defeat

NOBODY is perfect. Accepting that failure is a possibility is a GOOD thing. People who have a passion for what they do understand that making mistakes is not only normal but a healthy and necessary process. This plays a huge role in learning how to get better at what we do, and to continue to reach for the best. Learning from mistakes is very helpful in having insights about the little ins and outs of troubleshooting some random website development issue, for example. Even more, we hold ourselves accountable for our mistakes. Being up front and transparent about making a mistake goes a long way in showing your integrity, and responsibility.

  • Being honest and up front about mistakes allows us to build trust.
  • We get better with each mistake we may make, and learn together.
  • We’re able to have insights that others wouldn’t have by holding ourselves accountable.

A good work-life balance has other advantages, too. Not only do these advantages benefit us as a team, but also our clients.

Work-life Balance Advantages

  • Less turnover: You’ll always work with the same people and be able to develop a real relationship.
  • More loyalty, commitment, and motivation: We’re driven to stick around.
  • Positive perception: Our boss is amazing, you’ll see.
  • More healthy: Because we’re given such flexibility, there’s less stress. Which means fewer sniffles, fatigue, and other yucky stuff.
  • Here more: Even with flexibility and time away from work, we’re still able to be here when you need us.
  • Increased productivity: Basically, your project is going to kick @$$.

So, these are the reasons why [both] my team and I love our team so much. We encourage you to keep this article in mind if you choose a local San Francisco web designer, for example, who appears to dislike their team, isn’t very responsive or just seems uninterested overall. It’s probably because their work-life balance is well…unbalanced. This directly affects how they handle website project management and your results!

Thanks for taking the time to read. Hopefully, we can work together on a project in the near future. 🙂

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