Skip the GoDaddy Website Builder and Use WordPress

So, GoDaddy is a very popular web hosting option. The GoDaddy website builder, especially their latest option, the GoCentral Website Builder, looks like a lucrative option, but is it really? At Smack Happy, we think that you should be using WordPress to build your website. Pair WordPress with WP Engine hosting and your website will be golden.

GoDaddy Versus WordPress

WordPress Website Builder Pros

Just skip the GoDaddy website builder and use WordPress instead. Here’s why you should just skip the GoDaddy website builder and use WordPress instead to effectively start building your website.

  • With WordPress, you can build your own website for free.
  • WordPress customization options are limitless.
  • Timely, valuable WordPress care plans and support are easy to find.
  • GoDaddy even uses WordPress themselves for their pre-made website option.
    • But it’s not free, and it’s definitely not fully-customized.
  • Did we mention that you can build a WordPress website to look any way you want it to?
    • WordPress works for all types and sizes of business!
  • WordPress makes SEO easy.
    • WordPress has about 50,000 mostly free plugins available for web development.
  • WordPress has a very user-friendly CMS.
    • WordPress websites can be easily, quickly, and simply customized!

WordPress Website Builder Cons

Customization options may be limitless, but they can be intimidating to learn.

    • With your custom WordPress website, you will also pay for web hosting.
    • and are easily confused and are very different.
      • is what we’re referring to here because it’s fully customizable.
      • has limited options. It’s only recommended for casual blogging.


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GoDaddy’s GoCentral Website Builder Pros

  • Build a website fast.
  • Marketing and e-commerce options are available for a set fee.

GoDaddy Website Builder Cons

  • Website customization options are limited.
    • This means having unnecessary code that slows the website down.
    • SEO options are limited.
    • You’ll be limited by bulky themes.
    • Quickly building a website means that details are easily overlooked upon setup.
    • Marketing options do not include the level of maintenance that a marketing professional or website care plan can provide.
    • E-commerce options do not include the level of security and effective oversight that a quality website care plan can provide.

WP Engine Hosting with a Care Plan

We recommend signing up for WP Engine hosting and using WordPress to build your site. Then apply a website care plan that fits your needs.

A quality website care plan provides the maintenance that your website needs to thrive. With GoDaddy’s website builder, options are just plug-and-go. For good SEO, a website needs more than that. A website needs to be kept up-to-date in order to remain as visible and excellent as you’d like it to be.

Need a Website Care Plan? Call Us.

When it comes to websites, Smack Happy has an effective variety of custom design, e-commerce, and marketing strategy solutions. We specialize in WordPress sites, and we use WP Engine to host them. Contact us today to see for yourself the comprehensive WordPress website maintenance that we can provide for you and your business.

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