Why SEO Marketing Is Not Plug & Play Then Walk Away

As search engine algorithms are not constant, SEO (search engine optimization) marketing strategy has to keep up. SEO is not a shiny tech tool that people can plug and play then walk away. An SEO marketing strategy must be devised, and that strategy has to include a good maintenance schedule.

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SEO Marketing MUST Be Maintained for Success

SEO is not worth a dime if your website is not properly updated! For successful SEO marketing, a website needs to be not only regularly checked upon, a fitting care plan should be set in place.

Keep Up with Changing SERPs

SERPs (search engine results pages) are not what they were 10 years ago, or 5 years ago, or last year, or even six months ago. SERPs are often-changing, and your website needs to keep up with that with equally up-to-date SEO.

SEO is Evolving, Plan Accordingly  

As SEO is evolving, there is no set-in-stone solution for exactly how to do SEO best, but there are a few general guidelines for great SEO, including:

  1. Start with a clean slate and build your SEO from there.
  2. Consistently and often update your website.
  3. Monitor and strategize for any needed changes, regularly.

If You Fail to Maintain SEO Marketing…

You can create an excellent new website, have it rank well for all of your targeted keywords (words you want people to use when searching your website), and in turn begin increasing your website’s traffic and getting you more leads. Say you sit back and decide to let your wonderful-looking website just be. A week later, or maybe a month later, your website drops off of the first SERP for most or all of your targeted keywords. That is what happens when you fail to implement and keep up with an SEO marketing plan for your website.

Need SEO Marketing Help?

Smack Happy Design can help! We will work closely and transparently with your team, each step of the way. We know what SEO marketing maintenance is needed, and we use that knowledge to go above and beyond expectations.

Check Your Website

With over 600 algorithm changes per year—it is more vital than ever to pay close attention to the technical health of your website.

Launch our Site Checker and conduct your free Technical SEO Audit to find out what you should be focusing on first.

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Get a Free Webpage Audit

Whether your website is for a startup, small business, or a large company, we can work with you to produce the SEO marketing that your website needs. That includes consistent updates to your websites that deliver authoritative and relevant content to your audience. Get a free webpage audit for a brief overview of what can and needs to be done to your website to improve SERP rankings.

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