Where Do You Start with Keywords?

There are SO MANY RESOURCES out there to dig into when it comes to keywords and keyword research. At the very basic definition, keywords are words and phrases that you want people to search to get to your search result and ultimately click on it.

start with keywords

4 Keywords Tasks to Get Started

Before you make any decisions on how to begin this process, here are some key tasks to start with:

  1. Literally search, “what are keywords”, and go down that rabbit hole! Moz and Yoast are really great resources. They provide tons of guides, tips, and advice on the topic. Immersing yourself in this topic can help when it comes to the research and planning process.
  2. Think about what your business offers, and who you want to sell to. Without even thinking about why—start writing down a list of 5 – 10 words or phrases that describe your business. Then, do the same thing to describe your potential customers.
  3. If you need to figure out who your potential customers are, it might be good to start fleshing out a buyer persona. 
  4. Walk away. Giving yourself some time away from this process is crucial because it can quickly become overwhelming.

Now, when you come back to this you’ll have a potential list of keywords to start with. Then the research begins.

Moz provides a pretty solid step-by-step guide as an intro to SEO. If you’re at the keyword stage, start here. 

You can also reach out to SEO professionals (like us) that have tons of tools, knowledge, and human resources at our fingertips to help you craft a solid keyword list, an SEO plan, and beyond.


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