Does Your Website Maintenance Plan Give You Custom Updates?

We recently surveyed our clients with care plan packages to find out what they like, what they love, and what more we can do to delight them.

As we started to review the responses, we noticed a trend around a specific aspect of the care plan and a rather unique benefit it provides to our clients.

Numerous clients commented that they love the Support Time included in their care plan as it allows them to get custom updates to accomplish additional business goals every month.

What is Support Time?

Support Time includes a set amount of hours that our team sets aside for your business so we can dedicate that time solely to the unique projects your business needs to tackle. Depending on the care plan chosen (or customized) that’s a lot of additional support — often at a reduced rate!

Our clients use this time for different types of projects ranging from technical upgrades to digital marketing tasks. Most of the time we receive custom requests, but they often fall in these categories.

Content Upgrades

Many of our clients apply their support time to upgrading their content. It’s a great way to refresh the copy, add a dash of storytelling, or reflect a new call to action. And because search engines like Google reward freshly updated content, our clients love this care plan option.

Design Updates

Like content upgrades, sometimes it’s just time for a slight tweak to pop in some visual storytelling. Because there’s a middle ground between hanging onto the same graphics for decades and rebranding your entire brand identity. We provide design updates to fill that void.

Strategy Calls

Before you move forward with a shiny, new idea it can be helpful to get some expert advice on how to implement it or integrate. That’s exactly how our clients use these strategy calls: as a time to brainstorm ideas, discuss strategic options, and ask thoughtful questions about what action to take next. That’s Smarketing.

WordPress Coaching

While we love to provide our clients with custom solutions and quick fixes, our clients also love to learn. Which is why we launched WP Coaching. In over fifteen years’ experience working with WordPress, we’ve seen it all, so we know exactly which tools and skills to teach our clients.

Graphic Design

With the sheer amount of digital marketing opportunities out there in the world, the need for professional, well-designed graphics continues to grow. Our team of illustrators and graphic designers love to tackle these projects and our clients adore the results!

Email Newsletter

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect directly with your audience, so it’s no wonder it’s email newsletters are often requested. From announcement emails to monthly or quarterly newsletters, clients on the care plan can delegate the work to our email experts.

Social Media

Social media drives so much of online marketing, especially for small and growing businesses. Our clients are able to hand off tasks like social media management, post creation, and performance analytics to us, so they can get back to growing their business.

Website Bug Fixes

When a website is acting buggy, our clients love the peace of mind they get from this feature of the care plans. We’ve helped quash everything from viruses attacking WP to hackers wreaking havoc and everything in between to keep our clients’ websites safe.

Custom Updates

For requests that don’t fall neatly into a category, we take of those, too! With the care plan package, clients can request anything they don’t have time for or aren’t sure how to get done. We step in to support your website and marketing efforts.

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