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Shape the future of your website by catering to the lifeblood of your business through Technical SEO.

Technical SEO is the foundation of your website.

All aspects of SEO are important—but there is rhyme and reason to the list of steps you'll need to take to make it work. Like, really work.

By carving out your online strategy with technical SEO at the forefront, you're able to:

  • build a solid foundation,
  • grow your business online, and
  • repeat those same essential steps to get the most bang for your buck.
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What is Technical SEO?

To put it simply, technical search engine optimization (SEO) is a term that refers to a series of various website and server-related optimizations (such as URL structure, page speed, and schema markup) that help search engines crawl and index your web pages more effectively to improve search results and organic rankings and drive more (of the right) traffic to your website.


Why a Poorly Designed Website is Hurting Your Business in 2019

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a well-designed (mobile friendly) website for EVERY business in 2019. This is the face of your business. Your website is the first thing your target audience will see. How will they spend the first 15 seconds on your website while deciding whether they want to continue learning more about your business or not?

Free Technical SEO Audit

With over 600 algorithm changes per year (including mobile-first index)—it is more vital than ever to pay close attention to the technical health of your website.

Launch our Site Checker and conduct your free Technical SEO Audit to find out what you should be focusing on first. This will give you a head start to build a list of technical updates needed to grow your online business in a more successful way. Your report could include data regarding on-page SEO, 301 redirects, internal links, site speed, duplicate content issues, and XML sitemap issues.

For this client, we recommended the development of a completely new SEO strategy. Read the full case study to see how we improved the technical foundation (Technical SEO) of the website and more.

25% Bounce Rate

Tandem saw a 43.25% positive shift in bounce rate (from 46% to 25%).

Keyword Research

Three keywords on page one (accounting for 65% of traffic volume).

Improved Pagespeed

After technical SEO updates, pagespeed reduced by almost half (49.14%).

Site Health

After making updates, site health improved from 63% (D) to 100% (A).

Our Technical SEO services are for you if you're ready to...

Invest Time

Any search engine optimization takes time and patience. Even after a myriad of research and planning, the process could take three to six months (or more) to realize results. If you're looking for a quick solution to 'get to page one', this isn't it.

Start Fresh

Throw everything you think you know about SEO out the window. Every website is different. Many commonly known best practices aren’t as important anymore. Remember meta tags? Useless. It is all about the user experience.

Keep Going

SEO is an ongoing process and not a one-and-done event. The rules search engines use to decide who ranks on top change at least once per day. No joke. One of the most respected authorities on SEO believes this happens up to 600 times per year.


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Recent Projects

Our unique approach to each of our website projects begins and ends with a thorough, more detailed technical audit to make sure every i is dotted and t is crossed. Every website project is designed with the latest best practices for desktop and mobile devices. We are happy to share some of these projects with you. 

Take a peek at a detailed technical audit example.

Happy Clients


PeterD, IntelliVen

"What I like best about working with the SHD Team is that they never do what I tell them to do. Instead, I get thoughtful questions to the heart of what I am after along with multiple paths to achieve the target result with what I need to think about in order to choose between them. The result has been a significant upscaling of my internet presence, improved response rates (the fastest in-bound call from someone who would otherwise never have thought to call came within seconds of a recent post).

SHD really cares about what they do…and about me and what I do. It’s a partnership. I have never had anyone get into my head, and so effectively put into language audiences can understand, what it is I have to share."


Michael, Let Blu

"These days, everyone thinks they can make a website, take a picture, or write a story. But, it takes a team like Smack Happy to bring unique creativity and a strong business sense to your website and, ideally, all of your marketing materials.

Nicole understands the business value of design and functionality and delivers an engaging product. And, Danielle as project manager was invaluable; without her, we’d still be sitting around wishing we were done."

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