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Your website is a critical part of the word-of-mouth sales process.

It sets the tone, creates an emotional connection, and generates trust, all of which help you close the deal.

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"The team at Smack Happy took my website from looking pretty good to appearing polished and impressive... I HIGHLY recommend using Smack Happy’s services."
Akeisha J., An Inspired Story

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Is your website playing it's part?
Does it actually help convert your prospects?

Everyone knows they need a website for their business, but they don't always realize what their website should be doing for them.

When you do word-of-mouth marketing the real purpose of your website is to "seal the deal."

When a prospect gets your info, the first thing they're going to do is look you up before meeting with you. Your website will set their first impression, will they be impressed or disappointed? Will they still book a meeting?

Or, the prospect will look at your website after meeting you to further check out your credentials, services, work examples, and testimonials. Again, in this scenario the website should be as impressive as possible. Will they continue to consider you for the role once they visit? Will they find everything they're looking for?

Your website is a critical part of the word-of-mouth sales process.

It helps set the tone, it creates an emotional connection and trust, and ultimately helps you close the deal or set first impressions. And when it looks off-the-charts amazing, it will be so impressive you may even end up raising your rates.

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"You did a great job. The website just looks…I can’t even put a percentage on it because it’s so much better than what we previously had. This is a website that I’m happy to put out there and show to a customer. Our previous website looked like it was built from the first days of the internet. Definitely appreciate the work you guys have all put in. Thank you!"
Michael K., Compusult Systems Inc