Get Better Website Leads, Not More Leads

So you dressed up your business’s digital footprint in order to get all of the attention that your business could get. You’re pulling leads left and right, both from organic and paid results. But, what if you have more leads and you’re just not getting the business you expected. The thing is, it’s not about getting more leads. It’s about getting better ones. Read on to learn a bit about how getting better website leads works.

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Why Shouldn’t More Website Leads Be the Focus?

With most of today’s world using the internet, many businesses are learning the hard way that getting more leads isn’t what they want. Businesses are being bombarded with leads coming from all corners of the world that just don’t make sense. Many of these leads are bad; they’re just not potential customers. They’re junk mail, impeding your daily productivity.

More often than not, it’s about getting better leads.

What Are “Bad” Website Leads?

Bad website leads include but are not limited to:

  • People looking around to get the best deal
  • Price shoppers
  • People who don’t value your business, and that can include oh so many leads.

With website leads, you’ll want quality, not quantity. Bad website leads will waste your time. They don’t want your product. They just want to cut you a deal.

What Are Good Website Leads?

Good website leads include customers who express a need for your product to better their life. It’s as simple as that. What’s harder is actually attracting those good website leads.

How to Attract Better Website Leads

1. Know your customer.

Spend time contemplating who your ideal customer is. Creating a buyer persona is a good way to do that. A buyer persona is an analysis of how your product can make lives better, whose lives that applies to, and how they might find you. Calling it an analysis sounds hard, but it isn’t as hard as it sounds. You’ll essentially need to brainstorm who your customer is, however you can best. Here are a couple of resources to help you get started:

2. Meet your customer’s needs.

Once you know your customer, you’ll need to build your website to match their needs, including populating it with content about your business that is relevant to their interests and has thoughtfully-designed, thorough, and engaging contact forms. That’ll put you on the path to getting the conversions that your business needs. Poorly designed websites hurt business.

Then, you’ll want to build up your social media profiles to meet your customer’s interests as well. Any of the following social media sites can bring good leads, if they are fully set up with your customer in mind, including: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, and more. On that note, it may be better to not spend too much time on many of these social media sites if your product isn’t e-commerce-related, generally speaking. While a positive presence on social media is great for building trust between you and your current and potential customers, the best leads generally come from LinkedIn.

If anything, a professional digital marketer can help you improve lead capture.

Learn More on How to Get Better Leads

You can learn more via the following link by watching our videocast where experts at Smack Happy Design, Project Manager Danielle Iera and Owner Nicole Hanusek, dive into the ways that you can get better website leads. Danielle and Nicole have been working together to populate the Smack Happy website with great, engaging content and catapult Smack Happy to where it is today: bringing good, exciting leads.

How to Get Better Website Leads

They share their tips for best practice, with one of the best tips shared being that recommended best practice often turns into requirements to achieve the results you want to achieve.

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