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How to Choose Image Sizes & Types for Your Website

Image Optimization – Choosing Web Image* Formats *Generally, all web images should be 72ppi and include the RGB color profile....

How to Add a New User to Your WordPress Website

Use this quick start guide to add (and delete!) a new user to your WordPress website.

Add Users to Your Google Analytics Account

Quick Setup Guide Use this quick start guide to add a new user to your Google Analytics account with or...

Social Media Sizing Pocket Guide for Business

Image Sizes for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest The imagery on social media is key real estate to showcase your...

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importance of seo

The Importance of SEO in Pittsburghese: Red Flags N’at

An original post shared in 2017 and updated 9/16/2019. It was about friggin’ time. HI! If you’re into complete transparency,…

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great web developer

What makes a great web developer?

[and] What does a great web developer do? An SHD full-stack developer spotlight story and Q&A. Over the past few…

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less is more quote

Get Better Website Leads, Not More Leads

So you dressed up your business’s digital footprint in order to get all of the attention that your business could…

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what happened to my wordpress post editor

Your WordPress Post Editor May Look Different: Here’s Why

If your WordPress Post Editor looks different, you probably just need to install the Classic Editor plugin for WP. The…

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build trust with employees-check in online

3 Ways to Build Trust with Your Remote Team

Build trust with your remote team and show them how to trust you, too. 1. Take a leap of faith….

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ask us a marketing question

Submit Your Marketing Question to be Answered on our Podcast / Videocast

Our clients, friends, and colleagues ask us questions about the challenges they’re facing online all of the time. We’re more…

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where to start with social media

Unsure Where to Start with Social Media?

Originally posted on January 7th, 2019. Updated November 11th, 2019. Often our clients tell us either one of two things:…

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Communicate to Your Web Designer

5 Ways to Communicate to Your Web Designer

Communicate Your Vision to Your Design Team How do web designers transform client feedback into design? Even with an expert…

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giving feedback 2

Tough Conversations

The hardest part of my job as a manager is having tough conversations. One might even say, this is the toughest part of life. Because no one likes to break up with someone else, or hurt another’s feelings, or even sit in awkward silence. In fact, I’m going to wager that most of us dread this kind of talk.

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