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The Brief

Stephanie and George Buhalis, owners of Solxsys Administrative Solutions, LLC approached us about creating a new website for their new business as well as a new logo. At that time, the business name was actually NexGen Benefit Solutions. The Buahlis’s new business was centered around software that George built for Third Party Administrators (TPAs). Stephanie & George sold their original TPA business and they were waiting for the perfect opportunity to re-enter the industry with a new business, backed by their own amazing software. The new website required a clean, attractive design with easy to use navigation that incorporated the colors from the logo we were tasked with creating. Our original timeline for this project was 2-3 months with a scheduled launch on April 1st, 2019.

Our Approach

After meeting the clients, we knew that this project was going to be a perfect fit with our core values and beliefs. The project began with the logo design for the new business, NexGen Benefit Solutions. Three members of our team provided sketches of various logo designs and we were off and running. After we made it through multiple rounds of revision, we came to an agreement on a logo with the client and we were ready to push forward with the copyright/trademarking process.


As with any project, there are opportunities for learning and growth as a team. With Solxsys, this moment came when we realized that the name Stephanie and George had chosen was unfortunately taken (NexGen Benefit Solutions). We helped them generate new names with similar characters to the old name so that we could still use some of the custom logo work we’d already designed. This worked out perfectly as they came to a decision and filed for their copyright/trademark. After getting final approval on the logo for the business, they decided to have us create another logo. This time it was for their new software, Solxsys365. The team designed a fun, unique and similar logo to their new business’s logo. Stephanie and George were amazing to work with throughout the whole process, regardless of the setback regarding the timeline. Their content and feedback were always on time, and we could tell that they put thought into each part of their new website.

The Result

The site is clean and the content is brief and well-articulated, specifically crafted to entice and draw in their target audience. Stephanie thoroughly enjoyed the photo review process and she was really able to shine here. She selected each image on the website and did a wonderful job with her variety and attention to the little details. Stephanie and George’s new website was only delayed by a month due to the name change and logo revisions, which was perfectly fine by them, given their situation with the copyright issue. Even with everything that happened (to the client), they kept their heads up and a smile on their face every time we met. This meant the world to us, as we know setbacks can happen with any project, but it was how they handled the bumps in the road that showed their true character. Solxsys Benefit Solutions, LLC will be continuing their relationship with us as we will provide hosting and website monitoring services and ongoing maintenance through one of our Care Plans.

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