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Show Your Website Some Love, and It Will Love You Back

Is your website producing the results you’d expected? Many of our clients answered this question with, “I don’t know”. A website checkup is a great place to begin giving your website the attention it deserves. With this checkup, you’ll know how it’s working now, what kind of love it needs, and the next steps to take to help it thrive.

Why Get a Checkup? The Love is in the Details.

Increased Page Speed

Page speed is now a direct ranking factor for search engines. With mobile and voice search on the rise, your site needs to load at least 20% more than your biggest competitor. What you may not realize is that while it may seem that your site is loading in a few seconds, there are a lot of background items that may continue to load. Total load time is also considered heavily by search engines. Understanding how your website loads, and how fast it takes to load completely, gives you the ammo to make those technical updates and stay on top of page speed.

More & Better Leads

Perhaps leads have been coming in less and less or maybe you’ve seen a drop in your search rankings. Your call-to-action may be malfunctioning, in the wrong place, or not collecting data. With current algorithm changes, you may even be penalized if there is an improper use of pop-up forms on your site. Your call-to-action testing results will provide you with the peace of mind that your audience is able to successfully contact you when they need to.

Responsive Mobile Pages

Having a mobile-friendly, responsive site is now required to have by search engines. If you do not have a mobile-friendly site, it is a strong possibility that your site will lose traction in search—and fast. Additionally, if you do have a mobile site there are factors to consider from the usability and size of your menu or buttons to whether you’d benefit from having an Accelerated Mobile Page. This part of the checkup evaluates your website responsiveness and more, all while keeping your audience’s experience in mind.

Improved Content & SEO

Developing content and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques go hand in hand. While there are hundreds of thousands of resources out there for SEO, it can be a bit overwhelming understanding what content to develop how to implement it into your overall website marketing strategy. This content and SEO review can provide you with a list of technical updates and some light optimized copy with natural language-driven suggestions to keep your rankings steady, strong, and on the rise.

Improved User Experience

The usability and reputation inspection ensures that your site is technically set up for proper user experience, is able to be browsed safely, and will tell you how many sites are linking to yours. A combination of this information is useful for technical setup and even for building upon any linking strategies.

Legal & Secure

Did you know that in some states you could face litigation if your website doesn’t include a privacy policy? That potential hackers can easily see users sensitive information if you do not have an SSL Certificate? These days, you can even be penalized for not having a secured site. Hackers can insert dummy scripts in the header of your site if not set up properly. It’s a crazy world out there. The legal auditing portion of the checkup will reveal any insecurities your website may have, and what you can do to fix them.

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Our clients love working with us because in addition to creating beautiful designs, we’re communicative, easy-going and we just “get it.” We care about our clients–and it shows in everything we do.
Erin Becker

I have a small business in San Francisco and an even smaller budget for social media and website help. I have been working with Danielle at SmackHappy for a few months - what a great experience! She is responsive, has great ideas, initiates smart updates to my social media accounts and is fun to speak with! Thanks Danielle! I highly recommend working with SmackHappy!

Erin Becker
Pick it Up SF

Erik Katz

Over the past year and a half, I have had the pleasure of working closely with Nicole as she created our conference website and marketing material. Nicole is amazing and super talented with what she does. She is very responsive to the needs of her clients and is very helpful and easy to work with. I love her design perspective and work product. She delivers consistently with her commitments and is a wonderful person to work with. I could not recommend her business more highly.

Erik Katz

Brady Helkenn

Brady, Owner of BH Tech Connection explains how Smack Happy updated his website to the "modern-day version of what his website was" and how the company brings a unique artistry into creating websites.

Brady Helkenn
BH Tech Connection

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Website Checkup Frequently Asked Questions

As a Smack Happy client, you will receive clear guidance through the entire process, screen shots and directions clearly explaining answers to your questions, and a response to your email, text, or phone calls within 48 hours excluding weekends, holidays, and vacations. Read more about how we can support you: Smack Happy Website Support.
We mostly focus on web design (mostly WordPress) and items surrounding that such as search engine optimization, user experience, and responsiveness. Outside of web design—we also do offer many other website services, from graphic design to strategic marketing planning. Another on-going service we like to offer all of our clients is WordPress Support Plans. These plans help to maintain your website health and ensure everything runs smoothly with no interruptions, day to day.
Yes! When you work with us you benefit from everything WP Engine offers at a Premium level. We choose to work with them, because their highly-managed WordPress web hosting service includes enterprise-grade capabilities that guarantee superior security, performance and scalability.
We don’t outsource our work. We’re very picky and have very high standards, so we tend to keep everything within our team. However, we are 100% open to working with your team of marketers, designers, or developers.
We can cater to your timeline and work as progressively or laid-back as you’d like. In a perfect world, where we are getting back to each other very quickly, we could potentially finish your project  in a month or so. Realistically [however] most website projects timelines are between one to three months. Additionally, if it’s a larger site with many components, it could take six months.
If you did need assistance implementing any of our suggestions and would be interested in joining our wonderful group of happy clients—we’re here to support you in any way we can.

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