keep clients smack happy

How to Keep Clients Smack Happy

By Diane Pauley / October 27, 2020

Ah, relationships. We can’t live without them, and we certainly can’t live without them in business. Relationships are the cornerstone of any good business.  And…

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orly - Scams Targeting Website Owners

Quick Tips to Identify the Latest Scams Targeting Website Owners

By Danielle Iera / October 18, 2020

Updated Monday, June 21, 2021 Scams Targeting Website Owners: Website Domain Renewals This post is about the latest scams targeting website owners. As if we…

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phases website design process

3 Key Phases of The Website Design Process

By Nicole Hanusek / October 6, 2020

The entire website design process is equally important, from creating sitemaps and prototypes to mockups. While distinct, the overarching goal of sitemaps, prototypes, and mockups…

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say no in business

4 Reasons to Say “No” in Business

By Diane Pauley / September 27, 2020

Contrary to popular belief, saying “yes” to every client doesn’t always help your business.  At Smack Happy Design, we know that we love to work…

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remote business tips

3 Tips for Doing Business Digitally in Disruptive Times

By Diane Pauley / September 23, 2020

Learn how the Smack Happy team is doing business digitally and navigating the new realities of the remote world. Watch the interview here. What should…

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Organize & Prioritize Your Website Marketing

Organize & Prioritize Your Website Marketing

By Nicole Hanusek / September 20, 2020

In this post, I’ll talk about some techniques for finding the time to organize and execute your website marketing plans. You’ll walk away with some…

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The Story Behind the Name Smack Happy Lessons in Leadership

The Story Behind the Name: Smack Happy Lessons in Leadership

By Nicole Hanusek / September 13, 2020

Learn how Nicole, owner of Smack Happy Design, got started and why she loves her work, her team, and making her clients happy.   When…

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Calendly Tutorial

How to Support Your Calendar – A Calendly Tutorial

By Nicole Hanusek / August 17, 2020

Let’s say you’re someone who typically schedules a lot of meetings. Your weekdays are jam-packed with team and client meetings, the list goes on and…

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3 Most Common Reasons for WordPress Website Crashes

3 Most Common Reasons for WordPress Website Crashes and 5 Ways to Prevent Them

By Akshat Choudhary / July 15, 2020

As an entrepreneur, chances are you’ve already designed your dream website with a great deal of thought and effort. You wouldn’t want to wake up…

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wordpress website redesign

11 Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign Now

By Danielle Iera / July 8, 2020

“There is no perfect formula for success. Iterate your digital business strategy, and remember that you don’t need to fear failure, you need to fear…

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Why Your Business Needs Content and Design

Why Your Business Needs Content and Design

By Nicole Hanusek / July 7, 2020

You may already know you need a beautiful, well-functioning, responsive website. But do you know why? A website gives you the ultimate opportunity to communicate…

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redesign your website

When it’s Time to Redesign Your Website

By Danielle Iera / June 5, 2020

How to Know When to Redesign Your Website Q: How often should I have my website redesigned? We recommend small and medium businesses have their…

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