Facts About Higher Cacheability Numbers:
Cacheability is a percentage rating of how many of your site’s resources can be cached. Static files (files which rarely change) like CSS, JS, and images for example, are easily cacheable.” — WP Engine, 2016
  • Your site is faster
  • It improves search rankings
  • Your site will have a lower bounce rate
  • Creates a better overall visitor experience
From our rep at WP Engine:
“You are running one of the most cacheable accounts I have ever seen, a good number of cacheability is 80% and above and you are currently at 99% (AMAZING!).”

Because of these facts, all of our WordPress sites are hosted with WP Engine.
We choose to work with them because their highly managed WordPress web hosting service comes equipped with enterprise-grade capabilities that guarantee superior security, performance and scalability.
WP Engine Platform:
  • EverCache ® technology for faster page loads and improved SEO ranking
  • Custom security/performance rule sets with over 3,000 WordPress specific active scanning rules
  • DDoS mitigation includes real-time scanning and prevention
  • One-click deployment for easy site provisioning
  • Daily automated backups with 30-day retention
  • One-click snapshotting for point-in-time rollbacks and local downloading
  • Multi-tier architecture for performance, security, and scaling
WP Engine Infrastructure:
  • 12 data centers spread across the US, Europe and Asia
  • Fully-managed CDN services for geographic scalability
  • Custom enterprise solutions available, including HA and clustering for mission critical sites or large scale deployments
WP Engine Support:
  • Consultative onboarding available including Launch Readiness Assessments and migration project management
  • Premium level of support available via a dedicated team of WP Engine’s most experienced WordPress experts
  • Dedicated enterprise account managers available to proactively plan for events impacting your business
  • Managed upgrades for WordPress core and system infrastructure

When you work with us you benefit from everything WP Engine offers at a Premium level.
The features include:
  • 5 Million + visits/mo.
  • 400GB-1TB local storage
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Managed patching and updates
  • Real-time security threat detection
  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure
  • A finely tuned technology stack
  • Security audits and code reviews
  • If you still get hacked, we’ll fix it for free
  • 24/7 phone and chat support
  • One-click staging environment
  • Daily backups and malware scanning

If you’re looking for someone to take care of your WordPress site, to keep it safe and secure, we can help.

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